November 17, 2005

detox contract

The past few weeks at work have been like a continuous picnic. Muffins here, cakes there, biscuits for afternoon was an eating fest that i think started from the 'pink breakfast' buffet, and culminated in a post work party hangover chips and potato scallops breakfast last friday.

The three of us in our little cubicle - AliG, Ben and I - really enjoy our food, especially baking. Today, AliG decided enough was enough (today after relatively healthy lunches the three of us we walked to woolies and bought a 4 pack of cornetto mint slice! so yummy and as advertised 'no boring bits!') and during the afternoon 'coma-period' she somehow convinced us all that we needed to make a pact to stop eating crap. And we agreed. foolishly.

The detox contract is to last for all of next week and will only apply during 'work hours' so really if you wanted to cheat outside of work you could, but i find that it's during work where i'm really tempted to eat.

The contract includes "thou shall not eat: chocolate, deep fried foods, cakes, baked goods in general, coffee (unless it is black), soft drinks, lollies, ice cream. Instead we must drink at least two bottles of water (1.2L), 2 pieces of fruit a day and 5 hours of exercise a week (which we all already do anyhow). And if we break the contract then the fine is $25.00 (which devilishly goes towards BAKED GOODS once the detox period is over HAHAHA) and 50 pushups in the office. Yeah we'll see how it goes.


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