November 16, 2005

surfing and truffles

On Sunday Jpeg, Red Ginger and I embarked on our goal for summer - learning to surf. We took a two hour lesson at Maroubra and tried to stand. The 'bra is notorious for waves that break and dump. I was hoping to get some pointers from our instructor on how to read and predict waves, unfortunately he was very "bodhi" like and could only put it down to 'you just know'. Clearly his knowledge of reading surf was accumulated from many years and he just couldn't articulate the information...'it's hard ya' know, it's like you're reacting to the waves, whereas i can predict them'. Oh wise Bodhi tell me MORE. So anyhow we all managed to stand for a second or two. I am always rushing and thinking i need to jump and snap on the board like a pro surfer. which i am not. After swallowing large amounts of sea water and freezing in teh chilly water for over 1.5 hours, I called it a day and sat on the beach to try and read the waves. No idea. Might have to get some physics books to read about waves again.

Oh yeah, bought some italian black truffles for Mum's birthday today. calculated it to be $1750 AUD per kilo for whole black truffles. I bought 3 SMALL truffles! Will report on the taste and texture when we crack the bottle open!


Anonymous Mak said...

That's $1.75 a gram!! How many grams does 3 small truffles weigh? I'm assuming it isn't white truffle since one recently was sold for around $600,000 and it weighed around the 1 kilo mark. Now that is some serious moolah. So am I invited to do some truffle tasting =D?

4:29 pm  
Anonymous Mak said...

I lie. It was more like $150,000.

4:38 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

40gms. it was in a small jam jar size. White truffles are more expensive because they are rarer. No truffle tasting yet...

10:15 pm  

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