February 27, 2006

last weekend of summer

I spent the last weekend of summer....

1. Getting drunk on 2-4-1 cocktails at kuletos in Newtown with the girls and trying to spot out any transsexuals waiterstaff in Thai Potong (alas they were none!)

2. Going crazy at the seafolly factory sale and buying far too many $2 bikinis (1 for each day of the week!) - more pics on the sale to come.

3. Gorging on an international spread of food - big breakfasts, bbqs with german sausages, yumcha and tangy gelato!

4. Winning a silver bling bling medal at State Sprint Titles out in Penrith. Woohoo!

5. But the highlight was coming home to find THAT corner of my room literally swollen with water from the storm. The paint on the wall was holding up like a water balloon in the section above my window. We had to cut a hole in the paint membrane so the water could be drained into a bucket! It was kind of cool - except that my bed got wet and I had to move it into the centre of the room away from the walls. It's so disorienting waking up and realising that everything isn't quite where is should be!


Blogger Santos said...

bex, congratulations on winning silver! any chance of a photo of your bling?

3:42 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Hi Santos - pictures of Bling will be posted soon! we're even standing on the Sydney 2000 Olympics podium!

11:52 am  

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