May 16, 2006


Yeah. I’ve been busy. And there are photos, I just haven’t got round to them yet.

Been busy with the mean girls makeover for Voodoo’s bedroom. It’s almost complete! We transformed her room from backpacker hostel to island girl chic (which at one stage included an unintentional blue lagoon effect on the wall haha) so now it matches the rest of the funky beach house.

Getting fat. Oh yes. I have been slack. Training has been half off since TB boy got TB. And I was pissed at them for canceling my lunchtime classes! BASTARDS at Globo Gym! So I didn’t go to the gym at all for 2 whole months, and now I’m paying for it. Literally and physically, since it costs so much darn money when you’re not actually using the gym! Anyhow, this morning was my first session back and as punishment for not going to the gym - they had moved the weights around to try and confuse me! Ha! They tried to sabotage my session with dodgy equipment falling apart, and providing a crap training environment - bad music and broken TV screens -and the showers were dirtier than I remembered. But I won’t let them break me! I’ve got one month to go until Hamilton Island Cup, and really need to get fit and ready to haul my ass into a canoe in tough conditions! The only plus side from this morning (other than burning 200 calories) – they now have milk and apricot nivea body wash in the shower soap dispensers and I got to see Casey Donovan from Australian Idol working out with her personal trainer (dunno if that was a plus actually).

Dreaming about knitting baking nesting again. I think it’s the cold weather and I just got my bookclub books – some knitting book with some cool projects. My aim this winter is to learn how to increase decrease and knit a beanie! Also got the latest Jill Dupleix cook book and made her awesome lemon friands for mother’s day. Even TB boy said they’re better than the friands at McCafe...which according to him, are so rubbery that you can bounce them on the floors.

PS. Belated Happy Birthday to Sze, Kwongie and Delan, and upcoming bday shout to my boy Joe, who I feel like i haven't seen in a year!


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