April 27, 2006

Buttermilk kisses

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This Anzac Day we held the cockatoo cup race in honour of little Mich's farewell. At the last minute a whole bunch of us girlie girls pulled out of the race - it was grey, cold and wet! Instead we made breakfast (for the other paddlers like Big Dave who didn't help organise anything!) whilst sipping champers - a far more fitting anzac tribute. ha!

I was too busy flipping pancakes for 30 people(!) to take pictures of the breakfast menu which consisted of: Bacon and Egg Rolls, Hello Kitty faced toast (it is the coolest toaster!), fruit salad, and Buttermilk pancakes with blueberry sauce and icecream! Instead I have pictures of - the girls flipping pancakes, Red Ginger and her NEW CAR! close ups of pancakes, Mich trying on her farewell present (with billy in the background holding back the tears because she's leaving and now he'll have the whole responsibility of updating the PD's website hehe!), Red Ginger and her new stylin' sunnies, the girls hanging out on the deck chairs in the front yard.

Farewell Lil' Mich, I know you'll have a great time travelling around Europe hanging out with other aussies haha! Hopefully I'll see you in Sept when Red Ginger and I take on Europe! Safe Trip and Big Hugs.


Anonymous Mich said...

Thank u Bec!! I already miss you all sooo much.. the brekkie that day was FANTASTIC!! I've been in HK for a few days (struggling not to buy stuff), and am now in London looking for a job. Weather is not too bad actually. Place is so abuzz. Can't survive long without earning pounds tho. LURV the puffy jacket, wore it on my first day, I felt all warm and fuzzy.

5:28 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Mich - So good to hear from you -Glad to hear you are warm and fuzzy hehe! Say hi to CC from me!

4:28 pm  

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