July 23, 2006

slow mo weekend


This weekend I could have been down at the snow - but instead I opted to try and save some money for the upcoming holiday, and i'm glad I did - Mel and I finally took Wiki-Wiki out on the water for our first paddle and it was sweet! Brunch with the ladies, shopping with the mean girls and a huge feast with Mel's entire extended family made the whole weekend feel abit like a holiday. I even tried my hand at ricotta gnocchi and chocolate truffles from the latest Donna Hay Magazine that Rita gave me for my birthday - and they weren't as difficult to make as I thought they would be.

Today I spent a whole day repotting all my succulents which was totally indulgent and relaxing (except for the part where I got annoyed trying to pull Jamie Durie's smug smiling face stickers off his 'Patio' pots!!).


Blogger jenjen said...

I just made the truffles as well. And as you said I was surprised at how easy it was to make. I ate a few too many though : )

7:17 pm  

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