July 17, 2006

Weekend Update: Pig Out Central

No paddling = feasting and fun! Red Ginger and I wanted to take out ‘wiki wiki’ for our first paddle, but the weather was not on our side! However it was perfect weather for knitting and baking (yes the pink mixer is getting a good work out folks!!) and feasting…3 rounds of it!

Round 1: Bastille Day/Birthday Degustation
A few of us celebrated a belated bday and Bastille Day at Restaurant Balzac, Randwick. The restaurant recommends leaving about 3 hours for the degustation menu. We started at 8pm and left at 12am. I love meals that continue on til the next day! And the fine dining experience is always a revelation for someone who is accustomed to the ‘Superbowl’ style of "service"...I guess that’s the difference between a $90 meal vs. a $9 one!

Unfortunately I have no pics because I forgot my camera as I was rushing out the door! (and I was late because I was at the gym desperately trying to burn up more calories before dinner hehe!) I could go on to dissect every one of the nine courses we had, but it’s pointless without pictures – but I will tell you that the most interesting dish was a terrine of confit goose and roast liver with roasted hazelnuts, served with a salad of snails, goose proscuitto and a sliver of gizzard. Fancy and abit grotesque sounding! But not nearly as scary as it sounded. The terrine reminded me of the first course of meats (like pigs ears) at Chinese Wedding Banquets minus the pink tablecloths, decorative carnations, carved carrots, indifferent waiters and flying chopsticks. It was gamey and tasty. There were whole hazelnuts hidden inside the terrine, which we all approached apprehensively - we were expecting it to be an eyeball or a goose joint!

Overall it was a great night - an excellent foodie experience and a lot of fun- I seriously couldn't eat breakfast the next morning which hardly EVER happens, though i probably consumed enough calories to last me the entire week without food! It's definately a 'sometimes' food as Cookie monster would say.

Round Two: Trivia, Frittata and cinnamon buns

Saturday night, I went to a fundraiser trivia night for The Sloths’ dragonboat club world championship campaign to Toronto, Canada. More eating of frittata, cinnamon buns and more cheese. The trivia night was so well organized and an excellent night of fun. Our team ‘Fiji Me’ were leading out of 24 teams in the start of the final round, but we fell out of contention over the ‘famous faces’ trivia round. If only I had paid more attention when flicking through those trashy mags at the doctor's surgery! The final tie breaker for the winning teams was a dance off to ‘U can’t touch this ‘ by MC Hammer. The video tells a thousand moves. haha.

Round 3: Soft shell crabs and chocolate cake
More baking. A heavy but not too sweet chocolate cake for my baby brother’s 14th birthday! He has officially arrived into the teenage awkward dorkness stage of his life. Braces, Glasses, Pimples, Lanky Limbs, Girls calling him out on dates. What the?! Last year he was playing with lego! Oh they grow up so fast! :P Mum made all 'our' favourites for dinner – soft shell crab, oysters Kilpatrick and a delish rack of lamb!

Um yeah, so I’m going to be hitting the gym this week. Only 6 weeks til i have to wear a bikini! *sigh*


Blogger jaysun said...

The MC Hammer tie breaker idea for very good.

Did one guy try jumping on the table but fell out off it?

3:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get Tiff in sunnies and put him in 'chicken hiding' pants and gold sleeveless muscle T, no one can tell the diff between Tiff and MC.


3:56 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

Yeah Tiff is only one gold chain away from becoming MC Hammer...

Yeah that guy tried to jump onto a chair but luckily managed to regain balance. I think they were all abit drunk. haha.

4:26 pm  
Blogger frangipaddle said...

Yummmy soft shell crab !! Yuummy ! And thanks again for the Cinnamon buns and the frittata !!

yeah the MC hammer dance.. had we won we would have been doing the hula on stage (so maybe the MC hammer dance off was more entertaining :) )...
All slothie events - boozed up or not - feature a dance-off of some sort, we just don't know who the contenders will be until dance-off time!! :) ! hehehee!

12:09 pm  

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