September 08, 2006



Our first week has been C'est Manifique! Ahh...Paris! After a long flight to London - we were greeted by a chirpy YDG! Walking through the streets of London was like walking onto a movie set. Abit surreal. After a quick tour of the shops, Red Ginger and I were back on the road and onto the Eurostar to Paris. We changed onto the suburban train line RER - and it was like stepping into Africa. I felt more like a minority than ever! We meet Rockstar's brother's friend, Sam at the meeting place and our fave girls Kim and Cazz! Yippee!! Talk about one big reunion!

Mark's Apartment was so cute - in an old building, but so relaxing to have our own little place to call home. The area, St Michel is filled with art galleries and is quite trendy. The Seine was just up our street, and a cute little street called Rue De Buci has it own supermarche, florist, 'Carton' patisserie and lots of other little cafes and shops.

On our first night, Sam took us to this cool bar on the right bank called Film Noir i think - filled with beautiful skinny smoking women and us in our daggy clothes. Then it was off to dinner at 10pm at some little french restaurant in the Marais Area where I had the Confit de Canard! Yum!

I love that the sun doesn't set until around 9-10pm and people go out to eat very late - Red Ginger and I have been getting up super early, then spending hours walking around and then coming home at 6pm to sitback and relax our aching feet and eat some gelato and then off to dinner at 9ish . Then drag ourselves home past midnight and pass out on the bed.

We saw lots of the sights - The Eiffel Tower from the Champ De Mars - park next to it, we didn't actually go up! And we went to the Jardin de Luxemborg (gardens) where you aren't allowed to sit on the grass but can take the little chairs and sit near the grass to enjoy the view. Saw the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, saw Rodin's Gates of Hell at the Musee D'orsay and lots of my favourite paintings!!

Yesterday we left Paris and made our way down to Nice by train.

The next update: Easycruise!!


Blogger G said...

Sounds great Beck. Keep us up to date!

7:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooooooooh so envious!
Sounds like a great trip and dearly thinking of you girls living it up in France.

Look forward to the next post.


PS No sign of dining table yet but i have 4 weeks until you return so there is still hope.

11:44 am  
Blogger The Chad said...

Man I want to be with you guys partying! Say hi to the guys for me!

eh check out my blog also lah :) you need to update my site address on your site as well ;)

Take care and I know they say what happens on tour stays on tour but for Chaddy you can make an exception right? keke...

2:04 am  

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