August 09, 2006

food and stuff

Kogarah food update
(if you're ever in the area getting medical attention or getting a haircut).

Bun action
The SPAR supermarket on Kensington St opposite the St George Hospital is abit like a regular convenience store combined with an asian grocery store. The signs outside read 'caucasian and asian groceries' which includes (at least in my sense of essential groceries) tim tams, milo, milk, bok choy, instant noodles in about 50 varieties and brands and hello kitty lollies. It's been open for a few years now, and it's a few stores down from the gone but not forgotten Hainan Chicken place. The other week I went down to SPAR to see what kind of exciting food stuffs i could conjure up for lunch and they had a chinese bakery plastic cases set up in the front section of the store, complete with orange trays and tongs. WOOHOO! All the standard buns were there including my fave the custard pineapple (polo) bun! I was abit worried that it might not be fresh - that they might be delivered from Hurstville, so i wondered through the store looking at other fall-back options and then i spied amongst the cans of soup base - the actual bakery equipment on the other side. So they built a mini bakery in the supermarket. SWEET! Needless to say, those buns came back to work with me and they were fresh!

Toffee Apples
The other day I had a craving for crunchy apples - my current fave is the fuji apple, anyhow Rita and I walked past the fruit shop on Railway Parade and the apples..well they didn't look so good, but the fresh tray of fluro red and green toffee apples sure did.haha. And that is how I found myself munching on brown but still crunchy granny smith apple smothered in red sickly sweet toffee. So good. Definately better than an average apple haha!

Other stuff

Happy belated bday to Cherie (with cake and...clevage)-
cherie's birthday

Jpeg's car got broken into on saturday night, we were staying at my friend's place in Abbotsford and he parked his car in the complex in the vistor carpark where lots of units look into. The bastards broke into his car (his alarm was broken and he drives a soft-top so say no more!) stole his new stereo that he got for his birthday, AND ripped out the sub-woofer that is as big as a small person from the boot and his speakers and ripped his car seat covers off, probably because they were ugly (hehe). He can't believe it - he says that even in Parramatta they don't steal the subs! We didn't know who to report it to, it was like 4am in the morning when I came home, and the car isn't insured. I think they might have security cameras, but so what - I guess it was a crime of opportunity.

and to end on a better note

Marissa shows us her bust
It's amazing what good posture can do for your bust...
chest out


Blogger ragdE said...

i would've thought that those po-lo buns wouldn't have made it back to your office...

3:35 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

they only did because I had a BBQ pork bun shoved in my mouth HA!

10:42 am  
Anonymous Ken said...

More photos like these bex :D~~

9:54 pm  
Blogger Marissa said...

oh dear! (re: bastardry car theft). did you find the culprit(s) and/or retrieve stolen goods?

man ... is that what it looks like to have a C cup?

2:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:03 pm  

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