July 31, 2006

just peachy...or just predictable

With only 1 month until the Europe trip, Mel and I have started hitting the shops looking for 'essential items' that will create the ultimate holiday wardrobe in the space of a backpack. (No Kathmandu quick-dry travel shirts/shorts/undies for us thanks!) On the weekend I bought 1 coral pink jumper, 1 coral pink singlet and one melon pink jacket. I'm not going to lie - My wardrobe is about 60% pink (plus shoes and bags and jewellery) and the rest is brown and black and even some white.

My dilemma is - am I becoming predictable? Or do I just know what suits me?
I walk into a shop, look at the clothes in my 'colour range' (pinks/brown/black ocassionally greens) and kind of disregard everything else. I don't feel every adventurous - even when i'm wearing a hot coral pink shirt that's bright enough warm up a grey winter day. That whole primary blue/ red /white theme that's happening in fashion at the moment is just passing me by, but really what's the point of buying something that I'm not going ot love or wear?

I used to be afraid of colour - all those years of Chinese Dancing in garish costumes with sequins and red lipstick put me off for abit. So I stuck to black. I just sort of added pink to the range, but I always go back to black, and hey who doesn't want to look slimmer (TB Boy excluded of course)?


Blogger giveittomehardbigboy said...

I like the pink bits on girls

2:36 pm  
Blogger jaysun said...

Perhaps you should try not wearing anything...

3:37 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

hahaha. Thanks for 'smut-ifying' my blog boys!

9:40 am  

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