September 26, 2006

Swimming in Venice

...Well not really but almost. We arrived in Venice in the pouring rain. The heaviest since we have been on our trip. It was kind of just wet and funny as we stomped in puddles in our flip flops and other people in gum boots and some were wearing entire plastic bags over their feet and wearing these plastic thong contraptions that were specifically designed for ..tourists. haha.
Luckily the rain stopped the next day and we could appreciate the beauty of Venice when not completely flooded!

Highlights of Venice
~murano island checking the funky and not so funky designs
~that wet dirty pigeon smell in St Marks Square unforgettable!
~staying in a nunnery without TV. *when did i become so dependent on MTV!!!!*
~the quaintness of it all...even with all the chinese mainlanders who are now working in italian cafes I will not tolerate my coffee being made by a nonitalian in italy!!!


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