September 17, 2006

Under the tuscan rain

Today Red Ginger and I went on a cycling tour of the Tuscan countryside outside of Florence. We started off on our cool mountain bikes under blue skies, until we hit the city gates and up to Michaelangelo's Piazza, (which has a bronze replica of his David statue complete with pooping pigeons). It was so dramatic and fun - we cycled through the rain and thunder past olive groves, old villas, little towns and had a great lunch in a little trattoria near Galileo's villa.

Almost got run off by a bus when we re-entered Florence , perhaps abit too much Chianti at lunchtime!

Afterwards, Red Ginger and I hit the San Lorenzo markets BIG TIME. Leather goods, people, leather goods. I think I might be needing another luggage bag for the trip home!

The food here in Florence has been excellent, tonight we had the traditional soupy bread dish called 'Papa di Pomodoro' which is stale bread in olive oil and tomatoey kind of glug that is very tasty. Last night we had the Florence Beefsteak. Not just any kind of steak but a whole whopping kilo of t-bone that looks like it came from the set of the Flintstones. We shared it between two, but it was still too much!

Tomorrow we are off to Venice.

Ciao for now!
-bec & mel (in leather jackets)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh sounds absolutely fun!
Wish I was with you guys living the life.

Sydney weather has improved finally after a week of crappy rain and it will be perfect spring weather when you guys get back.
Dont forget we have Grower's Market @ Pyrmont when you get back!


PS. No dining table coming now... the guy cant fix it without ruining it *sob sob*

7:07 pm  
Blogger Marissa said...

Hey! Few things you MUST try in Venice:

* Calzonis - they are the massive curry puffs

* sardee in saor - devine! apparently the restaurant is no good unless they do sardee in saor

* spaghetti with cuttlefish ink

* scroppino - vodka lemon sorbet

* coffee - devine COFFEE!

* And of course playing with the dirty pigeons @ St Marks

11:30 am  
Blogger The Chad said...

I want to see photos waaa lauuuuuuuuuu!!!

11:13 pm  

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