September 26, 2006


Ciao Bellas!

Roma was bellissimo! Those crazy Romans and their crazy scooters and driving skills. I have new found respect for Roman drivers, their ability to negotiate traffic, pedestrians, and avoid getting caught by police for entering the centre zone without a city pass is frankly extraordinary. It makes sydney CBD peak hour look like a walk in the park.

Mel and I spent the first few days hitting the sights.
Trevi Fountain {tick}
Pantheon {tick}
Piazza Navona {tick}
{Not the Tim Tam} Colesseum was excellent! If you ever want to feel like a VIP and walk past a line of 100 people I recommend buying your tickets from the Roman Forum first! There were lots of large ITalian men dressed as Gladiators for tourists, which reminded us of Billy and Linda's fantastic Roman party.
Vatican City {tick} we almost saw the pope on wed morning but didnt have the special red pass and so couldnt be bothered waiting around! Sistine Chapel was superb!

As for the shopping i am now the owner of cowboy boots and knee high boots. haha! Spent 1 hour in a shop trying on different boot styles.

The food was great, Voodoo's old flatmate, Vittorio showed us around he was so sweet taking us out every night we were there, to the pub area in Trastevere and we had a ball meeting his crazy friends and eating home cooked meals. I even got to try Buffalo Mozerella! And learnt how to 'scarpetta' although i already knew how to do it i just didn't know the term for it!

Next stop
Istanbul not Constantinople!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sounds like you are having a treat and am counting down the days when you get back to syd and when i can stop being envious of you.

Ive booked in Growers Market in the diary for next Sat 7/10. Can't wait to hear all the stories then.

Exciting day for the Good Living readers. With Good food month coming up in October this week's edition has all the yummy events lined up.


PS. There's a pastry class running for good food month on October 15 in Alexandria. Hope you are free.

12:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those large I-talian men - were any of them hot??

Harassed by any gypsies?? Can't wait to see all the pur-chases particularly the cowboy boots which sound sooooo hot - am very jealous.

Steve's farewell is on 13/10 at Wooly Bay and rhen he's having a BBQ for our division which I think will be on the Saturday nite.

Take care and c u soon xx

9:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Missed out on getting a place in the pastry class (only called a few hours after getting the good living issue!!!) :(
Anyway I found this Dessert class (Community college class) that is being run on Nov 5. Sending you and Natty a separate email about it.

speak soon!


10:50 am  
Blogger frangipaddle said...

ooh ! great to hear that you caught up with Vitto ! hope he's still not using the catch phrase "as if" & "you wish" his fave sayings... huge hug to him!

enjoy the rest of your trip !
Miss ya's

5:09 pm  

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