September 16, 2006


Ciao! Mel and I have left Easycruise and we're back on solid ground in Florence. Easycruise was too easy - arriving each day on shore at 1pmish too see all the glitzy shops and glamour of the french riveria meant that we didn't do hardly any shopping. We spent most of the time checking out mega yachts and the villas as per 'Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous'...staring at the beautiful and not so beautiful people and their tiny dogs.

The scenery was great, but the coastline is not nearly as beautiful or as clean as Australia, so appreciative of our own beaches now!!

The big orange Easycruise boat was big and orange and was alot more comfortable than the chinese tourist boat on the yangtze haha. The sun deck and sports bar were our favourite places..oh and the gym. Yes, we actually used it!

Today we checked off teh sights in Florence and ate more gelato! I have art coming out of my pores. Tomorrow we are leaving for Venice...hopefully the trains wont be delayed again. Yesterday it took us 5 hours to come from Cinque Terre, instead of the usual 2 hours....ahh gotta love the Italian way of life!

Ciao for now!


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