May 27, 2004

*BRRRRRR!!! It's cold in here...*

This is officially the coldest night this year. And lucky me - we had water training. Talk about crazy shit psycho stroke rating action!! "Overdrive" my ass.(that is the 'technical' term they use - in corvu team we call it 'psycho pace')

I have NEVER EVER been so out of time in my entire db career and so unable to keep up with stroke rate that I have to pull my paddle out of the water...until tonight. I was in seat two behind the 'speed girls' . I just refused to paddle in one set - there was no point - I wasnt even pulling water. To put it into perspective, race pace going full out sprint is probably around 80-something strokes a minute. Tonight we were doing 94strokes per minute. I could. not. keep. up.

Thankfully it turns out it was abit too high and that 80-something is just right. *phew*

Meanwhile, I am so so so thankful for thermal top, leggings, vest, rashie top, thermal socks. I just need a beanie to keep my ears warm...

BTW special shout out to Elainers *are you open?! * for many special spastik gifts :D


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