March 22, 2005

Kim's Farewell Drinks

My good friend Kim is off to do her UK working holiday stint. I've spent the last month of so preparing for her departure through numerous 'goodbye kim' weekends. (more pics on those events later). She's one of my closest friends, mainly because we spend so much time together training for dragonboat. Kim is pretty influential in my life. she's responsible for alot of things - introducing me to the Fiji mafia, convincing me to try out for national dragonboat team, the horrors of fat calipers, powerbars, good toasted fruit buns and more recently the delightful cocktails at the Peppermint Lounge, which was the venue for her farewell drinks. As you can see - not many pictures of Kim as I was too busy getting drunk...and later that evening I was too busy spewing in the gutter behind Harry's Cafe DeWheels. How Iconic. Bon Voyage Kim. Hope you have a great time and I know I'll see you soon!


Blogger jaysun said...

I might add that Kim has excellent taste in men. Cause she told me she would kara-my-oke anytime.

And while it's sad we only had one karaoke session together, it was probably the best one I had in a long time.

5:38 pm  

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