April 01, 2005

Soy Mocha..lip balm!

This ain’t no April Fools Day joke. I was looking to find a picture of a soy mocha – to complain about how bad soy milk tastes…and instead I found a soy mocha flavoured lip balm! What would possess anyone to make a soy mocha flavoured lip balm? Would it leave you with bad coffee breath all day long? And so I went in search for other weird flavoured lip balms...Instead I found a lipstick vibrator What did I do for entertainment before the internet?!


Blogger jaysun said...

Found this comment on the Amazon.com link you posted which was top class.

"this is the best and most discreet personal anal vibrators on the market. just be careful not to let one of your girlfriends borrow it when they run out of lipstick."

4:04 pm  
Blogger Bex said...

I also see that it's available to be included to any wedding gift list!

6:06 pm  
Anonymous Gregan said...

to quote from south park:

"that's some fucked up shit right there"

11:03 pm  

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