May 30, 2004

Go the fat calipers!
Well after two weeks of gorging on food to celebrate my birthday and getting into the team - it's time. Yes 'The Diet' has officially started today. eeeeek!

The diet plan is actually more food than i'm eating now - but alot more healthier!

To commisserate the end of my bad eating ways, I had a truly awesome crab meal last night (hehe) at a malaysian restaurant in Lane Cove with the KS Bangers. Thanks for dinner - they even let me eat the claws...yummy sweet flesh *drool*!

Also just want to shout out to tray-see - Happy belated birthday and I hope your trip is going great and can't wait to hear your adventures from china!

BTW am outraged by Mercury 4. 4 white guys doing rnb covers! First they did "making it hard" and now it's bobby brown's classic "every lil' step". Do they think they are black? Do they think people will 'forget' about the originals which are maybe 10 years old (OMG just realised a decade is a long old am i that they are doing remakes of original songs i remember?! )

okay will shut up now :)


Blogger G said...

OK. At the risk of getting flamed and hated by every other person who reads this blog, let me state the following:-

rnb sucks ass!

(flame on!)

Why can't dumb white Americans sing crappy pop music - it's just to make money out of gullible teenagers anyway...

So yeah I reckon those same teenagers will forget about those originals that are ~10 years old, since most of them were probably still in diapers back then..

and to sum it all up,

As Chris Rock once said, "I love black people, but I hate niggas"

10:29 pm  

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