August 18, 2003

Due to popular demand (i.e. Gregan), I'm back to write an entry.
Only 9 days til Fiji! Yeehaw! Nothing much to report. Went riding in the snow a few weekends ago and caught some mini air , though no one witnessed it (bastardos!). Scored some major bruises though luckily they didnt hurt, and thanks to one week of intensive rubbing, icing and strapping they are but distant memories, just like morning it snowed in jindy! Also lived like a true malaysian for the 4 days we were there, eating Maggi Noodles aka as "Maggi Mee" (pronounced "mar-ghee mee" not "madge-y mee") every bloody morning.

Been hitting the gym hard lately, but disappointingly I see very little improvement. Have to reconsider my diet!

Deadlines coming out of my arse. Enter the Dragon film comp is due next week....Project unofficially known as 'the chad' has yet to be edited. Goodbye weekend!

Finally got to catch up with Mr. Jason "you just don't care man" Wong! He's so damn funny lah...

Anyhow the next entry willl probably be after i come back tanned and relaxed from Fiji. I hope to come back looking like a supermodel. har har har....(okay maybe a former supermodel who's had 5 kids and put on 20kgs)