December 22, 2006


Just a quick note: NSW state DB crews were announced today and we're IN like FLYNN baby!!! Yippee! Voodoo, Red Ginger, Johann, Big Dave, Sensei , Tan Chan and me! We're going to rock the boat! Congrats to all everyone and too bad to those who didn't make it (like the chad who isn't even training but thought he might get in on his golf swing)

Tomorrow i'm doing the OC2 relay for 20 beaches from Palm Beach down to Manly. I hope it's a nice day and we get some swells!

Happy Holidays to everyone and don't forget to put some sunscreen!

December 17, 2006


Hello and season's greetings to you all! Sorry for slackness of late, you know how busy it is at the end of the year - so many parties so little time (stamina/effort)! So many things to update but nothing really, so this post will be general rambling...

1. No longer TB Carrier. Yes I officially got the OK from the Chest Doctor and i've finished my horse tranquiliser (hehe) tablets and got the all clear on the x-rays. (so you dont have to hold your breath when you see me around anymore).

2. Erg time trials for State DB crew were on last saturday morning, 2 minutes on the erg machine (a rowing machine that has been modified with a paddle handle) is not my idea of fun (actually it's probably the most pain i've ever felt), but it's a challenge and i think it's good to set yourself goals...

3. This morning Red Ginger and I went down to Cronulla to get our OC2 Wiki Wiki scrutineered so we can race it next weekend. We decided we might as well do the race down in cronulla and we came back with a gold medal and a bronze medal for one race. We were the only womens crew in short course OC2 so we won! haha! and we won a bronze for the series of 7 races of which we only did the 7th race. and now we're the state champions! ha ha ha ha ha...

4. Glutton. Ate so much this past month. So much seafood I was almost reliving the scene in Splash where Madison the mermaid hoes into the lobster shell and all. Oh yeah. A new cake shop 'christophers' opened down the road from work... i'm considering a baked goods ban until the new year!! Except I bought a 1kg tray of baklava from Abla's in Granville for a xmas party yesterday and i'm stuck with leftovers... yum. but i feel so sick of food right now!

5. Lots of shout outs to december birthday people you know who you are!!