February 25, 2005

I'm always looking to find products that contribute to a more sustainable existance. However, there are certain "luxuries" (when you get charged GST - it's a luxury item people!) that I cannot live without...friggen tampons and pads. When I was at my all girls' high school, the amount of waste generated from feminine 'hygenine' products was...well not so hygenic. In fact they had to get the bins emptied out almost every week. So to imagine the amount of waste (and money) that is generated in this world by women bleeding everywhere - in the US alone apparently there are twelve billion pads and 7 million tampons to landfill each year! It's enough to make you wonder if there are any alternatives... and now someone had come up with a more sustainable solution. The Pleasure Puss Pad!

The website says that "The menstrual cloth pads incorporate the features of disposable pads that you need within a comfortable, body friendly and environmentally kind cloth pad alternative." The only difference being you don't throw away the pads - you have to carry your dirty pads around with you all day until you get home and soak them in water and wash and dry them afterwards (something I would look forward to after a hard day of bleeding). And if you're super environmentally friendly you would recycle the water you used to soak your pads in like this lady's testimonial below.

"I've just ordered 3 more 'pleasure pusses". The first order did infact arrive just in time. Most of the time I forgot that I was wearing them, they are very comfortable and not irritating to the skin like disposables. I used the plain soaking water, to water my pot plants. Thanks for you brilliant product"

BRILLIANT! Not only are you saving more space for other landfill, you're also recycling water too! The hard questions are..should i get the love hearts or the burberry tartan? I wonder if they will make re-useable tampons!

February 24, 2005

....not so happening lah!

Last Saturday I went down to watch my team race at the annual Chinese New Year races in Darling Harbour. And for the first time in 10 years - I didn't race. I really enjoyed it though - the atmosphere is always great and the races always entertaining. I spent the rest of the day having to explain to everyone why I wasn't racing and how, instead of training I have been sitting on my (expanding) arse eating everything that I couldn't eat last year..haha!

Except lately I've had to really suck my stomach in to do the top button of my jeans, and so the bludging ends and the pain begins. Tonight was my first paddling session since last October! And they were training for up coming races, so yes we trained hard (there is always extra incentive when a MOFO ferry is running up your ass)...and tomorrow...well I will be in a whole new world of pain.

PS. straight after training I went and saw Jpeg and he handed me a fillet-o-fish. YUM! (and a box of cookies!) umm...but that has nothing to do with my jeans not fitting...

February 20, 2005

The Pink Ladies!
Jay-sun organised THE first ever Badmington Competition that i've ever been to or played in! It was a great afternoon, highly successful and very entertaining (especially Jay-sun and his John McEnroe-esq court side antics!) Tracey and I decided to wear a team uniform of pink and white so that we would at least look good because neither of us can actually play! And no we didnt win, but then there was no final because we ran out of time and they turned the lights off at exactly 7pm. (BASTARDS!)

Farewell Goh-Leos!

My good friends Fiona and Eric and deserting our country and fleeing to the goldmines of London to strike it rich...well sort of. Bon Voyage and Good luck! I'll miss you both muchly. i will particularly miss both your high-jinx and eccentricities (is that even a word?).

February 15, 2005

Title: It's official - Tony Chan is a hongkie!
Scene of photo crime: Some dodgy ex-pat pick-up bar in Lan Kwai Fong in HongKong
Date: Sometime in mid-November 2004

February 14, 2005

Happy V day! Even though I don't buy into the whole commercialisation of lurve...yadda yadda yadda...thought I'd use the opportunity to show off my fabulous cake tier high tea tray thingy that my friend Rita from work got me! Isn't it posh! And yes I made the heart shaped cookies for everyone at work. (since it didn't work out for the picnic on the weekend.) Even our pet bird at work thought they were super tasty! (he gets paid to make sure no one steals the pens from our section).

February 09, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!

Normally our family celebrations are quite subdued, we have a nice reunion dinner together of just the five of us, and then my dad tries to guilt me into going to the Chinese Temple at Glebe with him which I now refuse because I always get burnt from all the incense � particularly because I happen to be the right height where some auntie waves her incense above her head to avoid the smoke and ends up waving it on my shoulders and neck!

Anyhow this year was more subdued than ever, in fact I got to work thinking � is this even chinese new year?

Last night my parents weren�t even home for a reunion dinner, they went to their own dinner party with their friends and left me to eat Spag Bol with my brother and Jpeg (yes he is alive and back). Then my dad didn�t try to ask me to go to the temple with him � I guess he gave up.

And this morning I didn�t even get a chance to say �gong hei fat choy� and receive any lai see � when I walked out my bedroom I was greeted with the sight of my mum picking off bird lice from my dad! I wanted to laugh at them and point at them like monkeys at the zoo! And now they know how it feels to wake up in the middle of the night with this strange feeling that your skin is crawling by itself! If I haven�t already told you, a few years ago I had a bird lice infestation in my room from the bird�s nest in the gutter of my bedroom � I didn�t sleep in my bedroom or my bed for about a week until we repainted it and sealed it and cleaned the gutter out. And now again in the height of summer the bird lice have come crawling into my parents� room from the gutter to spring a lovely Happy New Year surprise!

February 07, 2005

I'm Lovin' it!

As Chinese New Year* is coming up and all, I couldnt resist the urge to partake in some of my favourite Asian activitie such as singing karaoke, eating japanese, eating icecream at passionflower (and bitching about the other asians sitting around you) and one of the most guilty yet instantly gratifying activities - taking sticker photos and making honkie poses! *yeah*
The sticker machines have become so advanced since the early days, now you can add glitter and stars and rude words and different backgrounds and den....okay overly excited there.
Jason , Natty and HT also have some of the funny poses.

*well chinese new year is just an excuse, i would have done it anyway! ;)

Jpeg update: Yet again, destiny intervenes and his flight is cancelled. Hopefully he will be in tomorrow! bah!

February 03, 2005

Been feeling a little blue lately.
I know it's because I'm missing Jpeg BUT I also include missing the everyday endorphins from exercise, my muscle tone and fitting into the new Diesel jeans I bought in HK that fit only a few months ago. And so today ... I dyed my hair, got a haircut, bought some bling bling earrings and a new top (pink of course). haha! I bet you all thought I was going to say I was going to go back to training and hit the water. Well, yeah I will do that soon too, but I needed an immediate miracle! I'm really glad I fixed my hair - I resisted paying the $100 for a long time - by dyeing my own hair with home kit dye, but I ended up looking abit like a tabby cat that had gone thru the mud. And so I handed over the cash and pointed to SMG's haircut and said "I WANT!". Don't worry, I'm not blonde. Infact I'm less blonde than before, har har!

Last night I played bball since the holiday break and to be honest I felt like SHIT afterwards. I was really frustrated at myself, and I remembered feeling this way everytime after a game and getting really upset when i didnt play well. I think it's because I know I can play better. When I first started playing I didnt even know the rules or how to pass the ball and our team used to score 2 points on a 'lucky' game. So my resolution for this new year is to improve my game and try and get an average of 6 points a game! (trust me, six is ambitious!). My other resolution is to stop being a bully to my friends, so far it has been very unsuccessful, I often catch myself saying things that are just nasty and mean and very very highschool/'heathers'. So if you catch me in the act please tell me to stop being a bully. There is a difference between a bitch and a bully though, I dont mind being a bitch to people who deserve it though! I 'd much rather be known as an 'assertive bitch' rather than a 'mean bitch'. hee!

PS> Mars, don't worry - I will always cut you down and make you stumpy when I think your head is getting too big (<--- har!)

PPS> shout out to Miss Superfit Sylvioso, go the gym-action girlfriend! (btw are we popping or what?!)

February 02, 2005

"SHow us your HORSE!"

Scene of photocrime: Patong Beach, Phuket 2002

This is my brief tribute to the Tsunami victims, better late than never. I send my love and good vibes out to all the people who's lives were touched. Especially to the ones we met when we were there on our frivilous holiday...it seems like an age now!

February 01, 2005

Blepharoplasty! (no it wasn't a sneeze)

After jason's post of my 'bad profile', it got me thinking about asian eyes and the practice of "Asian eyelid surgery," which creates a permanent crease in the eyelid," making eyes look rounder" and some say more westernised and 'pretty'.It's a practice that's been going on for decades in asian countries - and everytime i flip through hongkie mags (since i can't actually read any of it except point and guess) I see ads for eye surgery. And infact I know a handful of people that have had it done and yes they did look make their eyes look bigger.Which leads me to the issue that some chinese americans are embracing eyelid surgery which makes them look more 'awake' while others are embracing their 'monolids', declaring the surgery as a self-inflicted form of 'ethnic cleansing'.

I actually have one monolid and one creased lid - it basically means I can wear mascara on one eye, while the other one turns into a panda eye 5 minutes later because i lack the muscle which holds up my eyelid like a window blind (that's what I learnt after my internet research).

So I guess you want to see pictures of monolids vs. double lids? Not all of them turn out so successful and you're basically paying someone to cut your face! Do I want to get the surgery done? Half half - one eye says yes, one eye says no! ha!

what say you? (i know some people can't tell the difference from before or after!)