April 19, 2004

Following Marshy's stellar picture efforts on her blog, i make the following announcement.
** This blog will be on a short (hopefully) hiatus **
I will not be posting until

1. I can get my images posted up which means I need webspace which means i have to wait until someone comes back from holiday to reboot their server, or if i can get off my ass to organise broadband connection. both of these could take while.

2. I can redesign my site to make it more kick ass, which relies on point 1.

3. I have some form a life again that does not revolve around editing deadlines.

4. I have more exciting things to blog about. (some people have been bored by content)

5. I can get a comments system working for instant gratification on my entries (which is really the only reason people have comments system - yes mars i can hear you yelling "stumpy!" from here.)

So hopefully the next entry into this blog will be hella cool!

PS. although I am in the early stages of editing our film. I know it will be the bestest one yet. I hope.

Over and out.

April 16, 2004

I have to vent. - yesterday I came across two moronic men.

1. This A**hole in a ute decides to cut into my lane so I honked him for being a prick and he flipped me the bird. I was so close to winding down my window and telling him to shove it up his arse. He had no right to be pissed off because he was trying to cut in the traffic queue by speeding down the left lane where there was a parked car and clearly nowhere for him to go but CUT in when there was obviously NO ROOM - I had to slam on my brakes to avoid colliding with him. MORON.

2. This guy on Jpeg's basketball team, lets call him Igor. (oh wait that IS his real name ha! "eeeegorrrrrr!") I have never met a more arrogant prick. Firstly they're playing a 'social comp.' like i know all men take their ball seriously but ultimately this is not rep league, this is a social game and there is sportsmanship to be displayed towards other teams and more importantly on your own team. Igor obviously didn't get that unwritten memo. Their team wasn't playing to the best and it was the semi-final - Igor tells his team at half time , and I quote, "you're all playing like a bunch of F**king C*nts". Other than being offended by the C word I was more annoyed because he didnt include himself as being one of them, he thought he was the only hero trying to save their game. Everyone including their coach could see the problem was really him. He was trying to be a point guard and control the game when he is infact the Centre. (sound familiar?) Anyhow after the game, he went and had another go at his own team mates and crossed the invisible mateship line "i'm not here for friendship I'm here to play to win". The rest of the team told him to f**k off. From my observations guys teams are generally made up of a bunch of friends, you only get asked to play for a team when you know them. I think this guy was asked by their coach, so he didnt have any alliances but he basically tried to run the show and tell everyone how to play. Let's just say he was about 30cm from getting beaten up by his own team mates. Only because someone was holding them back.

Some men are morons.

April 15, 2004

Truly Amazing one! Lunchtime yoga was excellent! I didnt realise how tight all my hamstrings and calves were until I stretched them out. It's my first ever yoga class and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I can stick with it for the 10 weeks. It wasn't that weird with work people, even the GM was there! But it was okay because you kind of focus on yourself get into your own zone and forget about the people around you.

Not sure if i'm ready for Bikram though, Le Chaddy! I prefer the easy breathing type of yoga..
I recall a time I used to write long lists of things I wanted to accomplish � crafty projects and the like. Well they all got canned for a while since I started dragonboat training for 14 hours a week. BUT � we�ve been given 2 whole weeks of non-dragonboat time! Yay! So much free time! What to do! My face lights up just thinking about it. (oh so sad) Well, last night I cleaned my room � it looked like a suitcase had exploded in there. My mum was just waiting for it to be declared a National Disaster Area! So that�s the first priority � cleaning my room so that it almost looks half as neat at Sylviososos� . Do I have neat freak envy or what?! Maybe I can bribe her to come and clean my place for me�hmmm.

My next project is painting. I�ve been planning and thinking about this for more than a year now, so I finally took the first step last night and sketched out some flowers. I was surprised at how easy they were to sketch, but I�m abit scared because I have never painted on canvas before and I�m unsure of how it will turn out, think it will be a great learning process. I�m going to start small and work my way up to a BIG BIG canvas to fill jpeg�s living room. Do you think he will like bright pink frangis? Kekeke!

I�ve finally going to schedule in all my girlie things � facial, haircut, pedicure! I know it sounds funny, but I�ve seriously been neglecting myself! All the dirty water I paddle in has made my skin all blotchy and dry and I�m usually so tired and hungry after training that I couldn�t give a quokka�s arse about moisturising or plucking eyebrow hairs. So I�ve been feeling really butch and unkempt and totally unfeminine and it reached a peak in Perth when I pulled out my clothes to wear and realised they were all cargo/military/butch, except for the pink things! I was developing abit of a complex so much so that I�m now on a �girly� streak, am going to attempt to frou frou my wardrobe up go all pretty and feminine, just to prove that I can paddle hard and scrub up as well! Hopefully I will not be turning into Asian Barbie :p

I�m going to lunch time yoga class today for the first time, will give you an update on it later. It�s abit weird, a whole bunch of guys are going too, which is good that it�s unisex, but not sure if I want my work colleagues watching me do the down dog! Woof!

April 13, 2004

Okay okay � Le Chaddy has noted that my blog hasn�t been updated in a while so this will be the comprehensive blog entry to fill in all the news that has happened.

1. Mudgee Planners Conference.
It was pretty dull except that I got a chance to catch up with an old work colleague, oh and almost killed myself in a minor car accident. But don�t worry, I wasn�t injured, the car was merely scratched but since it was a work car it doesn�t matter anyhow, I think the only scars are the ones on my perception of my own inability to control a vehicle on country roads and gravel.

2. Perth
WOOHOO! We won the national titles! On the road to Shanghers, baby! Of course the victory is bittersweet because it now means I have to work my arse off to keep my place on the team for the retrials. I plan to move up in the team rankings � but this means I will continue to have no life other than paddling� The trip was great though, really felt like a break especially with the time difference of two hours, except on the first few days I fell asleep before 8pm, don�t know what was going on there, I think it was the stress of racing and work and sleep deprivation. Anyhow I highly recommend a trip to Rottnest Island if you�re ever in Perth. AND the only way to get there in style is by plane. It costs about the same as going by ferry only you save yourself 1.5 hours on a boat and you get to see the Island and water from above! Plus you definitely have to cycle right around the island, it�s not very big so we did the entire island in a few hours, and we got to play with the Quokkas, who look like huge rats but are actually wallabies, they are really cute! Kim and Darran adopted one of them and we named him Barry Quokka (geddit?!) he�s actually a toy one, but we took pictures of him in his natural habitat and all.. will show you pics of him later.

3. So what does this no life mean? It means I�m going on a diet. Muahhahahhahaha! No. REALLY. I�ve never been one to diet, I usually just eat what I want in the false hope that any little bit of exercise will cancel out any over indulgences! But if I�m going to get hardc0re serious about the time trials, then the weight will have to come off! Unfortunately that means counting the ratio of Carb Fat Protein in my diet. I�m interested to see what will happen if I stick to a proper training program!

okay blog out!