January 30, 2005

Just because I wear a von dutch hat (fakie) doesnt mean I'm a ho, but apparently it makes me a...

HAHA! Nasty!

January 25, 2005

Some of you might recall the various stories I have told about insects invading my otherwise peaceful suburban existence. Bird lice, cockroaches etc, well now I can add Ant farm to the list. During summer there is the occassional ant trail that somehow gets into my house. We usually spray them off, except for tonight, when I noticed the ants were around my computer desk, on it and then when I went to change batteries in my wireless mouse thingy - i found an ant farm living inside the battery recharger thingy. Not just a few ants, like a few hundred ants who were laying eggs and getting ready to take over our computer!! I get itchy just thinking about it. So my dad and I spent half an hour cleaning out this little thing the size of the mouse and almost covered the sink with dead ants and eggs.

So here is my little dedication to them. (in the bad style of phoebe)


Little Ants, Little Ants
What are you doing here?
Little Ants, Little Ants
I know it's not your fault
But you chose the wrong place
You're obviously trying to make a living
Start a family (of a million of so)
But now you're dead because I killed you with poison
You shouldn't have chosen my computer mouse thingy
I'm sorry.
Little Ants, Little Ants (and unborn babies)
now you're dead ants.

January 18, 2005

Okay I'm back from Fiji! No tan though. Oh well. But I did manage to see Jpeg for 2 days before I had to leave!

I'm back at work and I'm hating it. I keep thinking maybe I should change careers...I love interior decorating and crafty things!

I've created an album in Ofoto of my makeover adventure at Jpeg's place. click here!

my good friend Jason, was inspired by my efforts and so was his hornee monkee. His blog is damn good and gets two big thumbs up from me for entertainment value (he also cares enough to dedicate an entry to me!)

January 10, 2005

Ni Sa Bula!

I'm currently in Suva City sweating it out like the wicked witch from the west who melted. But at least there are no bed bugs in my new bed. My new insect bite count is 30. and that's 20 just on my left leg.

Yesterday I arrived back from Taveuni island- which thankfully cleared up and left us with a few beautiful HOT days of weather, and am now relaxing further in suva. except that jpeg isnt here. There a cyclone travelling past his island and so he's been stuck there until now, he's arriving on thursday which leaves me 2 days before i go home. *sigh* My only hope is that the boat trip goes well and he and his family get here safely.

I've decided that this trip is about me learning to spend time alone with myself and enjoy my own company, which i never really get a chance to do and always feel abit strange when i catch myself having conversations in my head haha. I caught the flight to fiji alone, flight back from taveuni alone, and today walked around suva city alone, watched a movie alone. all about aloneness. i've decided that i dont like it that much, because i tend to have ideas and bounce it off other people and like to chat etc, so i found it strange walking around trying to appreciate stuff without anyone with me. For instance i saw house of flying daggers and really enjoyed it etc etc and wished i could have talked to clinton or someone who appreciates films about which aspects i enjoyed, but instead i found myself walking around suva trying to not loook like a tourist while being a tourist. I didnt wat to attract too much attention to myself incase i got hassled by men.

I've been having nightmares since i've been to fiji - the little huts we stayed in taveuni had lots of louvre type windows and it was abit freaky because it is so windy at night and it picks up like at 1am at night a starts rattlig and howling.
And we were fairly close ot the road and people told us tha tkids had broken into the places to steal stuff before so i was paranoid that they might come whie we were sleeping so everynight was abit of a scare for me. (chicken me? yes) AND den... when i get back to suva i find out that there have been a few big men trying to break into the house while the family is still inside - even though they have 4 huge guard dogs...so i prefer to sleep calmly when the sun is shining but it's too darn hot!

when i can be bothered i will post up photos and do a show and tell. right now i'm going to bide by 3 more days and see what fun i can get up to!

Seeya soon :)

January 06, 2005

Hello World. Cannot access stupid Gmail so Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm sitting here in the restaurant of the place we are staying at in Taveuni Island. It's about half an hour by plane from the mainland of Suva. It's meant to be the beautiful garden island with blue skies, white beaches, crystal clear water, swaying coconut trees - except it's rained every day for the past four days straight! So it's grey skies, heavy rain, scary windy nights and lots of bugs. But it's been fun - we went to the local rock slides, which is just like the waterworks but natural made, where the gushing water sends you around a rocky bend and into a pool of water! Yesterday we went to the waterfalls which was quite dangerous because it was pouring rain and i did the 10 metre jump which even scarier (but okay since in the back of my mind i knew i had travel insurance ha!)

I'll be going back to Suva (capital of Fiji) in two days and i'll finally get to meet up with Jpeg after a whole month! Then hopefully the weather will turn good and i'll come back with a tan and a half!

Hope you're enjoying your summer! :)