December 28, 2005


frangipani, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

How much do I love summer?! the weather has been fantastic - glowing shimmering days that bleed slowly into night at 8pmish. Yesterday was spent swimming in the crystal waters of Manly and Long Reef! Today the onslaught of sales began. I bought 1 pink handbag and 1 pink pair of 'upmarket' flipflops. They are rubber except the footstrap is leather haha.

The pic above is from my frangipani plant that Rita from work game me for xmas. I love it. Except it's meant to be pink. err i'm hoping it will change colour over time but I think that's wishful thinking...

Have a great holiday season and sucks to be you for those back at work! Will be thinking of you...

December 25, 2005


idog, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

This is our I-dog. We already have a real dog - the irrepressible Coco-san, but for some reason, Dad thinks having a i-dog is cool for Christmas.

Except it isn't.

It doesn't do any of the cool things that a dog does. I thought it would be abit like that Sony interactive dog that can walk and bark and stuff. All it can do is move it's head sideways and has a speaker coming out of it's back (a crap speaker too) and flash lights like a disco, which apparently indicates it's 'mood'. My brother has decided that our i-dog likes hiphop music. I have decided it's a piece of crap that would only have redeemed itself if the music came out of it's arse like the Mambo farting dog.

Merry Holiday Season!

December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays!

"So my friends - sit back and....RELAX!"
Have a happy and safe holiday - be it in the sun or snow!
Love bex

December 20, 2005

...and so it begins

It's still 2005...just.

And we've booked our flights for the Hamilton Island Cup races in June 2006. The motto is outpaddle, outparty, outrigger.

Oh yeah! I love the feeling of having something to look forward too..
Maybe this time I will get to take a photo with Lisa Curry!

December 18, 2005

sunday brunch

This morning a few of the girls and big dave went down to Kazbah in Balmain for brunch. As the website says it's a mixture of "North African, Moroccan & Middle Eastern inspired dishes, full of the aroma, flavour and spirit of these local cuisines" And it was tasty indeed!! We had a breakfast tagine that is served in a clay pot with a chimney on top, a potato fritter thingy with smoked salmon and sour cream, french toast with caramelised fig and double cream, and a yummy pancake. The smart thing is that we went for the bay run and a swim beforehand - so it was a guilt free brunch!

Later in the arvo, Red Ginger and I went down to Maroubra Beach. We had to go through a police ID check to get to the beach,
"What is your purpose here today?"
We were wearing our bikinis with frangipanis in our hair.
"Err going to the beach"
"Good on yas....What is that wooden stick in your back seat?"
"oh. my paddle"

Luckily he didn't confiscate it. he informed me that under new powers they can take anything that looks like a weapon. He told me not to bring it into beach areas - for once i can say i was glad that Balmoral is a white rich area and not a restricted beach area, otherwise there would be no paddling.

Later on, Mel and I saw the TV news and they showed some of the confiscated weapons -one was a wooden stick that had about 20 nails spikes sticking out of the top.
yeah, like my paddle is a weapon compared to THAT.

December 16, 2005

Merry Christmas

finished!, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Yes,for a few years now i said i would bake a gingerbread house. I'm no martha stewart but sometimes i get bouts of infectious domestication! Usually I never got off my ass to do anything about it ...until 2 days ago. Oh yes. This is the gingerbread house that i built! YIPPEE!!

Click on the link to see more pics in Flickr.It took one night to bake the pieces, and another night to stick it all together and decorate.

Tomorrow i'm transporting it to work to eat. I wonder how long it will take to demolish! Will definately have pictures of the aftermath.

And then on the weekend i will be starting all over again with a second gingerbread house for Kitty Kat.

December 13, 2005

*chest beating*

Just got back from seeing the premiere of KING KONG!

He was HUGE! It was HUGE! Definately a must see movie for the summer!
Peter Jackson didnt disappoint and it was impressive stuff! And best of all it was free courtesy of a work mate who had free tickets!

December 12, 2005

push it real good.

ROAD TRIP! Early sat morning the 'fantastic four' squeezed into kittykat's golf filled with paddles, pillows, hangovers, and gossip and made our way down the coast to Ulladulla (must be pronounced in most ocka accent 'ullaahh dullahh') for the Mollymook OC regatta. A quick pitstop to Berry for pies and cherries and we were on our way. The sun was shining, the island music was pumping, and we were all chilling out waiting for our long course race, when the weather turned.

Gray skies, strong head winds and wild waves meant the Long course became the short course race. Mel saw a sea turtle at the start line - i was too busy getting into 'the zone' and missed it AGAIN! damnit! She always spots the turtles. All i saw was a dead bunny washed up on the beach. But i digress. Anyhow it turned out to be one of the most exciting races I've been in! Yeeehawww... we hit big seas and surfed super steep waves (Red Ginger was almost submerged in seat 1 - I was in seat 2 so i guess we were slightly front heavy - which means for faster surfing! :P)

We managed to push past Cronulla (who beat us in the last race, they are unofficially referred to as 'the scary girls' because they are big and scary!) and chased after the super masters team from Northern Beaches. We had abit of a ramming collision on the final turn and abit of biffo which is always fun! And we narrowly hit and missed a submerged rock near the final bend. In the end, Cronulla came from behind and beat us in teh last 1 km! agh! So we came second but it was still a bloody great race!

After the weekend we decided that:
1. We should have come to Mollymook instead of Molokai for big waves!
2. We need to hit the gym and start getting stronger if we are going to beat the scary girls from Cronulla
3. The pies from Rainbow Cafe in Milton KICK the gravy out of Berry Bakery pies (oh yeaaaaah)
4. Cheap drinks at the Marlin Hotel (in Ulladulla) are gooood.
5. Pashing in drainage reserves and waking up with hickeys are a great start to the partying/paddling season...

...can't wait til the next regatta!

PS. Craft Update
- scarves and pressies have been sent and delivered. Yay for those who are in the UK. (above are the wrapped packages with Hinano beer (tahitian) girl gift tags!
- gingerbread house action might be happening this week.
- KK and tree of hope pressies are wrapped and ready to go! *shhh!! i'm not telling who*
- haven't started other xmas shopping yet!!! eeeek!

December 05, 2005

party season

It's started. The party season has truly arrived and so has the summer weather (even the flies!)

Last Friday night was my work social xmas party. We had lots Seafood platters and lucky for me I was on a table with people who couldn’t be bothered to get their hands dirty to unpeel prawns and crack into the crabs. I had a ‘Splash’ moment where Darryl Hannah chomps into a lobster in restaurant. (Except I am not blonde and 6 foot with a flapping tail. But oh how I wished I was after I saw that movie!).

Saturday – DB race in Penrith. Got asked nicely (many times) to help out my ‘Nagas’ who were left short of female paddlers on the weekend. So I went and paddled and hung out in Penrith. It was my first DB race since…China last year! So many things have changed and yet nothing ever really changes – a few new faces, same old faces, same dirty jokes, and same build up of lactic acid in the forearms. And, unfortunately for my gut, the same Krispy Kremes afterwards!

Sunday arvo went to HT’s 30th Birthday Picnic in Centennial Park and in a spot completely away from the children’s picnic area! Except it was completely overrun by poodles. Imagine ten yapping manicured poodles trying to hump each other and running amuck. There was even a poodle dressed as Santa. But the picnic was great – lots of eating talking laughing swatting flies and chasing the shade. It was very educational too with HT teaching us pilates exercises, Jpeg teaching Ah Beng the correct technique to throw an aerobe (but failing miserably!) and Clinton teaching us the value of family connections to get 10% discounts at Thai restaurants.

The week ahead…
– crafty commitments (yes the scarves are FINALLY getting sent out)
- another work xmas party (karaoke anyone?!)
- farewell to Romykins
- weekend away to Mollymook for outrigger event.

- missing my partner in crimes ‘Red Ginger’ who is shopping it up in Thailand!

December 01, 2005

i'm sick.

It's quite ironic actually.
Just the other day i was thinking to myself. "you know i've got a pretty good immune system. I don't get sick that often." I dont know why I was thinking that, possibly because people at work were sick.

Little did I realise as I was thinking those words I was inhaling their sickness.


PS> it's not that bad. just a little throat infection, but since i 'rarely' get sick I like milk it for everything it's worth...

Ni Sa Bula!

Ni Sa Bula!, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Voodoo at the height of her modelling career.

"Show us your nuts!" hehehe