June 23, 2004

My first ebay bid failed! I lost by 50 friggen cents in the last 9 seconds! BAH! Who would have thought the competition would be so tough for a friggen hand held sewing machine! Where is this demand coming from? Those sewing bitches! hehe!I will have to try and use the e-snipe thingy - am going to become like ebay obsessed like clintos/shar/chad!

Anyhow finally gave in and went to the doctor. Yes - it's confirmed that I have influenza! Which reminds me of My Fair Lady royal ascot scene -

"My aunt died of influenza - so they said, but it's my belief they done the old woman in...Yes, Lord love you. Why should she die of influenza when she come through diptheria right enough the year before?"

teehee...cracks me up thinking about it.(sorry was reliving pygmalion moment from highschool)

So hopefully the drugs will make me better in time for team time trials on the weekend. at least that's what my coach hopes! Otherwise I will be wasted away - all my muscles will be shrivelled (and i might look like a normal sized girl instead of being 'huge' . ha)

June 18, 2004

by the way.


Glad to hear they won - now clinton and wayne can get on with their lives...heheh
I'm luvin it!

Yes - this is our little fan club for the JT concert last wednesday. It was really alot better than I expected he was an impressive performer and not quite so N*sync style - very less 'dirty pop!' and alot cooler than I thought on that white boy scale "play that funky music white boy" - his beat box was awesome! Just like the newspaper reviews were saying - not quite what the teenagers were hoping for but alot more rewarding for the older fans! yes me! an older fan *sigh*. Thankfully, clintos, shazza, jpeg and I enjoyed the spectacle in the comfort of our seats unlike the others who had to stand for 3 hours on their feet next screaming 16 y.o girls (though I know Wayne enjoyed every minute!).

Anyhow have missed training for 5 days now and am feeling the deterioration of my muscles and fitness - I hate being sick! aghh my throat is all swollen and itchy! And i'm so cold! While the Australian team get to go to Sabah to enjoy the sun! Luckily all i had to do at work today was colour in maps :p no really - i generated census data maps and got to choose pretty colours (yes one of them was pink...) I"m so not predictable. maybe. no. yes. *you're very near you know* hehehehh (shout out to elainers!)

June 15, 2004

I seriously think I am allergic to work! Lately every sunday night my body goes into shutdown mode and refuses to co-operate. Of course my mum blames it on 'hard partying' and not enough sleep on the weekend - i hardly think it's true. My idea of hard partying was watching dvds at wayne's place. woohoo! party hard!

So yeah i'm actually sick today and off work (coincidently off the end of a long weekend)! agh. so bored.

June 10, 2004

Lightening Crashes....

And training gets cancelled - you could hear the collective WOOHOOs! on the boat. There was some freaky lightening storms happening all around our training bay tonight, so after 40 minutes of training they called it off.

I'm so excited! I get to go home early, shower and eat all before 10pm heehee!

Yes it's a sad life....

June 09, 2004

Do you have a perfect face?

Apparently this is the perfect face.

I always thought that the sum of slight imperfections made up so called photogenic beauty - but it's been proven there is a perfect proportioned face by mathematics and the golden triangle and Pi. The website "doctors" claim that the 'perfectly proportioned mask' can be applied over anyone's face be they any sex, colour and age (with minor variations). It also helps when you're a cosmetic surgeon convincing people they need surgery to achieve the perfect face of beauty.

YES - I fully intend to superimpose the mask onto a photo of my face to see how close to perfect I really am (haha). Otherwise I will just walk around with it stuck onto my face.

June 04, 2004

How very...European!

My partner in crafty crimes, Miss Cazz, is currently living in the UK. Some days when I walk past a Sportgirl store or see a roll of gaffa tape, I wonder what she is up to�.And then I get photos like this from her and I REALLY start to wonder �what is she up to?! Haha! Cheers Darlinks!

PS. 'Apparently' this is a Pash Off! Can't think of a better way to entertain yourselves... ;) And yes I'm sure all you boys out there are enjoying the girl on girl action! You go Girls!