October 23, 2006

Dove commercial

I LOVE this new commercial from Dove that's going around on youtube! It just proves that even models can't look as good as themselves without the help of a crazy photoshop session. I'm tempted to play around with my own photo in photoshop to become alien/model like, but then my own vision of myself would become distorted and I'd get annoyed that I could never look that good - unless I walked around wearing a mask of my 'photoshopped' face. haha.

New Years Eve

Yeah - for once I've sorted out my New Years Eve celebration early. I usually leave it the very last minute - maybe around boxing day I start wondering what's I'm going to do for NYE. Jpeg usually has to work (like the maccas slave that he is) on all the public holidays. Poor him, but yay for me -this year I'm ditching him and going with my mean girls to Tropical Cairns! WOOHOO! We're crashing Voodoo's family home and celebrating KittyKat's birthday for 5 fab days with mangoes, crabs, swimming, arvo naps, frangipani flowers everywhere and maybe some tequila (sounds just like an island style holiday). Only 9 weeks to go....

October 20, 2006

Slowly getting back to it

Actually it's only been two weeks since i came back and sadly it's all too easy to slot back into this life like I never went on holidays!

Luckily, there are plenty of things to keep me occupied and away from post holiday blues. I'm loving the 30+ degrees heat, and hanging out with Jpeg (who is officially no longer referred to as TB boy because he is all clear YAY). So far have not been back in the OC6, but have taken 'Wiki Wiki' out for a paddle.

Last night mean girls and tiffy went to see 'No.2' a NZ movie about Fijian matriarch and her family living in NZ. It was good fun, and it was all for a good cause raising funds for Kidney Disease in Fiji, there was even an after party at our fave 'Golden Palace' bar in Chinatown. So many things to do on a school night. I love it!

Getting back into training for...dunno what. Sydney 07 Dragonboat world championships? Maybe. Right now I'm starting to think about training for this Biathlon series. Except I'm no runner and I dont know if they have a 'maximum' time limit, but i guess it's a goal to make me run and swim more!

October 11, 2006

Photos Slowly

I'm updated my Europe blog entries with pictures, very slowly because for some reason Big Pond has decided it should be very slowly. bah! And i'm editing and some of the pictures have been corrupted and blah blah blah I'm lazy.

Here's a link to the first entry: Paris

Spring in Sydney

Yeah I'm back.

Since last thursday I've managed to:
-Convince Jpeg that he needs a suit and go with him to buy one!
-Go drinking and dancing with my mean girls and enjoy Lucy's flashdance moves!
-Celebrate Mylee and Tom's wedding and watch Jpeg eat his way through his first Chinese Wedding Banquet!
-Visit the Growers Market at Pyrmont and enjoy a delish gourmet lunch with Syl and Ben!
- Do two erg trials and a DB regatta
-Go to the Noodle Markets in Hyde Park (sydney hehe) with the girlies
- Wear my new boots! Whilst the weather is still cool enough...
and watch 'Step Up' the latest 'Save the Last Dance' style dance movie! Oh i want to dance!!

oh and go back to work ugh. Only made bearable by my cool workmates, and that I'm getting a new work car very very soon. YAY!

October 03, 2006

Lost in Translation...

Konnichi wa!

Tokyo was fast and fun. We stayed one night in a little Ryokan (traditional inn style accommodation) sleeping on tatami mats, and spent the next night in Cityhotel Lornstar (not to be confused with P0rnstar) right in Shinjuku - in the Gay district. Tokyo was one of the hardest places to navigate, partly because it was all in Japanese and not many people spoke English, and also the train systems were definately the biggest and most difficult ones we had encountered. Still, Red Ginger managed most of the navigation and we checked out Harajuku, a famous Shrine, Japanese noodles and sushi, electric city (for our new digital cameras) and Shibuya for more shopping.

We also met up with darling Keith, who took us to eat excellent sushi and sashimi - my new favourites are now scallop sashimi and cuttlefish sushi! And he took me to a 'GAY BAR! GAY BAR! GAY BAR!' around the corner from our hotel!

When i checked my luggage in at Sydney it was 13kgs, when I checked my luggage in at Tokyo it was 30kgs not including my handcarry (with a stack of pot tiles!)! I was so paranoid that my bags filled with all my goodies wouldn't arrive in Sydney...but they did! And so did Mel's eventually...