March 31, 2006

By any means possible!

Yeeehaw! Check out this pics from my race up in Port Stephens last weekend. Click on pics for more action.

I'm in seat 4 and we are surfing over a wave. We managed to catch up and overtake that team just ahead of us to snatch third place!

And pic below is me (well my foot) trying to change into the boat "By any means possible!" (to quote Miss Voodoo). 'Foot First' is probably what you would call my style. Everyone has their own style - Sensei for example, has a textbook change in looking like a seal. Slip in Slip out! (So elegant that it makes you want to through fish at her or a ball to balance on her nose to make it abit more difficult. ha! )Red Ginger is more from the Hook on with armpit style, KittyKat, on the other hand is nicknamed 'buttcrack' for her entry style...

March 28, 2006

mental health

This morning I dreamed that I had a dance off with a black rapper out of those MTV video clips - I was popping and krumping and moon walking. And I won! I woke up so excited and pumped and then realised it was tuesday and I had to go to work.

I'm thinking of taking a mental health day off work this week. Seriously unmotivated at work and just general feeling of 'blargh'.

March 27, 2006

Same but different

It was Jpeg's birthday week celebrations - starting with peking duck feast for two at Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant (two thumbs up!), followed by drinks on Saturday night at the Triple 8 Bar in Chinatown (where we were entertained by Larry's yoga poses) and a little satay bbq lunch in the park on Sunday (dogs, smokey satays and the famous 'Larb'), finishing off with a not-so-quiet Sunday arvo/dinner at The 3 Weeds pub in Rozelle. (Note to Mars: they serve your St. Arnou Pils there - and it's must nicer than Boganville.)

In between all the eating, I drove up to Port Stephens and did a 3.5hours changes OC race on Saturday. It was fun, except same as last year, when the weather decided to rev it up just before our race, and so we were forced to do the entire race in the Bay (flat water and scenery doesn't change) , while later in the day the boys got to go out in the ocean around the islands (much more exciting and bigger waves). One of the race highlights was seeing dolphins jumping out of the water nearby, and our team came third!

and den?....I need a weekend to recover from this past weekend.

March 21, 2006

pretty big dave

pretty big dave & bec, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

This was meant to be a belated birthday tribute to Miss Maureen aka Voodoo, but I can't upload all the pictures of 'The Feast at Thirroul', so instead I bring you a little taster - Bec and Big Dave, resplendent with paper parasols.

March 20, 2006

Lovely lei

This is Annette wearing her birthday frangipani lei and Red Ginger and I made two weekends ago for the 'Bridge to Beach' paddle/swim race. I just wanted to post and gloat because it was a great lei!And also because we had to prowl around Kittykat’s street trying to steal frangipanis in broad daylight.

Afterwards we went to a house around the corner from Red Ginger's and the old man who lived there said we could take plenty from his huge tree! No more suspicious prowling and shaking of trees. Click on the pic for more pictures of the race.

Lazy glutton

Been feeling lazy. No doubt due to being an absolute glutton and having no energy to move as my body tries to digest all the food I ate all weekend.
First it was lunch and afternoon tea with Santososos, then ‘snackies’ half an hour later (I couldn’t resist trying Ben’s lamb backstrap yum!) and a terrible steak house dinner out in Penriff, followed by dessert and and then a 'sil yeah' late night course of mum’s duck sang choy bao.

And that was just Saturday.

Sunday was a whole other feast which will be posted tomorrow.

March 15, 2006

Miss Caroline

Miss Caroline, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Happy Birthday Cazz!

May you always be dancing under coconut trees (preferrably real ones)!

March 13, 2006

Last week’s food addictions…

are brought to you by:

Home made Pavlova – courtesy of my manager who was celebrating his birthday. I had to restrain myself and only eat two slices (ha ha!).

Raspberry Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Tart – from Donna Hay’s Off The Shelf. I’ve never made coconut macaroons before and never realized how easy it was! It was good, but not quite chocolately enough for me, definitely less effort than short crust pastry though.

Pocky Green Tea Mousse. Spotted at an asian supermarket in Rhodes shopping centre. I love the Japanese packaging - sucked me right in! The mousse on the pocky stick really does taste like matcha. It’s my new favourite flavor of pocky, though apparently this is a seasonal flavour.

Homemade steak sandwich - $7 for two pieces of New York cut organic steak, stick it on slices of thick cut crusty loaf, lettuce and lots of tomato sauce!Delish!

King Island Blue Brie – I have been eating this big hunk of cheese with figs on vitawheats all last week. Practically everyday for lunch - it was half price! I finally finished it today. No more cheese for this week. Banned. Honest!

Snow crab - Mum cooked up some unintentionally salty (more like salt and pepper style) crab for dinner. It was yummy - but does not compare in flesh texture or sweetness to the mighty mud crab. CRAB SEASON IS UPON US! My favourite season of the year!

I really need to start paddling again - went on a two week hiatus. But i'm back in the boat tonight!

March 08, 2006


thumbsucker, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

After years of saying I'd go, and a false start on the Princess Bride night (it got rained out!) We finally made it to Moonlight Cinemas last night down in Centennial Park.

We watched Thumbsucker , which is about a 17 year old boy who still sucks his thumb. I hadn't heard much about the film, other than Keanu Reeves playing a Dentist/pyschologist - and it turned out to be a great black comedy. I didn't realise that so many big names were in it. Vince Vaughan, Tilda Swinton, Benjamin Bratt and that guy from Law&Order Criminal Intent. I recommend it and give it one thumbs up if you're in the video store looking for something to watch. (ha pun intended)

Three busloads of teenage kids from some school turned up to watch the movie and at first we didn't notice their presence until there was scene in the movie where the boy's parents start making out and all the kids were making icky noises about it 'eww gross'. I wasn't grossed out by it - they were because they associated with the main character - the 17 year old boy, then I realised that Keanu - my teenage heart throb (back in Point Break days) is 40 years old. Which means I am old.
When did I grow so old?! haha

March 05, 2006

more shopping...

pink bag

My quest for cute gym bag/overnight bag is over! Ever since Red Ginger brought back her stylin' Kenneth Cole one from San Fran. I thought it was time that I upgrade from my dodgy hand-me-down freebie travel agency bag.

Today Red Ginger and I went to DFO and she spotted this pink one for me at Strandbags. It was just the right size and saved me from buying a pink Lonsdale London gym bag (and also stopped me from becoming a label whore)

Red Ginger is now my official accessory shopper - first maui jim sunglasses, caps and visors, and gym bags! My next target is a clutch handbag!

March 01, 2006

Sydney 2000...again

This is our team receiving our silver medals for the 500m state sprint titles last weekend. (we are in the orange!) Many of our OC and DB regattas are held at the 'world class facilities' out in Penrith, which was the rowing venue for the Sydney 2000 Olypmics. They use the same podium to present the medals and more often than not I pretend that I'm an olympic medallist. (sometimes as i speed down the M4, it feels like i really am travelling 'back to the future' to the year 2000)