April 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Gregan!

It's Gregan's 30-something birthday today. Our friend Cherie seems to think he looks abit like Eric Bana. I disagree! Eric Bana has big ears and Gregan does not. You can vote on Cherie's home-made "Hot or Not!" Poll

April 24, 2005

Not so lean cuisine

And tonight's I-ron Chef secret ingredient is....CHICKEN". Yesterday Joe and I embarked on our own little Iron Chef challenge. The american's call it "investment cooking" or "once-a-month-cooking"(OAMC) , I have renamed it "fattening-up cooking" (or F.U.C.K! which was frequently heard in the kitchen).

We cooked 5 different dishes from the same cuts of chicken and made 4-6 portions for each dish, which theoretically means there should be enough freezer dinners for Jpeg and Joe for one month. It took more than a couple of hours and I was abit worried that all the dishes would taste the same, but 'The Chicken Plan' worked really well and all the dishes have distinctive flavours - Chicken Cacciatore, Coq Au Vin (chicken in wine), Chicken burritos, Chicken and Vege Soup, and Chicken Pot Pie (white sauce). My guess is that Joe will run out in two weeks, and Jpeg will still have meals in his freezer in 3 months time.

April 18, 2005

Shar's Makeover...

*giggle* Notice the difference? SO HOT RIGHT NOW!

Adventure on the not so high seas.

Yesterday arvo, I went for a ‘leisurely’ Sunday paddle in the OC out to Sydney Harbour. The plan was to go towards Shark Island and come back after a certain amount of time resulting in a long 2 hour session. So we paddled out under the Harbour Bridge, through the equivalent of peak hour traffic for the harbour – lots of ferries, jet boats, the yacht regatta which was happening in the middle, and past The Endeavour ship which was running late. Basically a washing machine of choppy water with lots of obstacles and people checking us out (lucky for them I wasn’t paddling in just a bikini top). We were paddling around Fort Denison, out of the way from all the traffic, when suddenly we flipped over in slow motion.

I was watching the ama of the boat in the air thinking “hmm this is not a good sign”, and den…I was treading water. Normally you plan to do one ‘flip’ or ‘huli’ session every season so you familiarise yourself with the routine of checking that everyone is okay etc. Well this was the ‘unplanned’ drill. After about 20 minutes when we finally righted ourselves and were on our way (after a warning from the Naval Base to get out of their territory).

Sadly, I lost one of my favourite havaiana flip flops – a brown one with pink love hearts. It’s a strange phenomena when I always seem to lose my $20 havaianas but never the $2 flip flops from Kmart! (PS. I’m an 8/9 size). So if you happen to see it floating in the harbour – it’s mine! Of course I didn’t think about the sharks until after we got back into the boat…

April 15, 2005

Happy Bday Le Chaddy!

It's Chaddy's b'day on saturday. Chad is so funny. He loves his dog Starla (notice their similar poses), he's a good boy scout, and he loves taking gay pictures...we're all going to The Cave niteclub in Star city casino to celebrate. I haven't been in YEARS!

April 13, 2005

Glory Days...

Ah...the glory days. Yes I've finally decided to post some pics from my Shanghai World Championships Campaign October 2004 for you all to see.

From Top Left.Amazing Bridge World! Me exhausted after a big race (but never too exhausted to do a hongkie pose!) Us at the start line. Maybe us coming second at the finish line. My three homeys sucking their guts in. Me and my home-girls showing our bronze BLING! The winning Aussie mixed crew! Do I miss the glory? Yes! Do I miss the pain? No! But I'm sure i'll forget about the pain and thermals in time for 2007 Worlds in Sydney. BRING IT! (more pics of travels will come when I feel like it...don't hold your breath!)

April 11, 2005

What I did this weekend...

This is worth much more than...GOLD! (sing it!)After 5 hours of k-ok singing at the Corvu afterparty at Joe's place on saturday night...we got a little 'creative' and decided to take a few cheeky or should that be 'busty' shots. And yes - you can try and guess who each one is and the results will be posted by the end of the week. (I can't be bothered to figure out putting up a poll and vote system so just chuck them in comments thanks). And if you actually want me to give you a list of names to rearrange - you don't know my friends well enough and aren't allowed to play ;-p

April 08, 2005

Big Bad Joe

This is a little tribute to my friend Joe. Why? Because he's a good friend. He's lots of fun and good value and great at decorating (not so good at drilling holes into concrete walls though!). Oh and I like his new digital camera that has a screen that swivels...so we can check out our bad poses! CHEESY!

April 03, 2005


On the long weekend a couple of us went to Ryde Aquatic Centre to play basketball.
From top left - Mars #10 puts on her game face (the only time when she's not trying to look 'cute'), Tiffy shows us all who's DA MAN on the court (chicken legs included), Wayne works on his side profile (nice nose!), while Clinto shows Mindy his 'so hot right now' baller id band, Chad wipes the floor. Mars and Shar lovin' the long weekend.

April 02, 2005

Cheesy Fries!

Last week was Jpeg's b'day - We spent the day eating and shopping (for him, people. not me!) and watched the film that I think is the beginning of the end of Vin Diesel's film career (AKA The Pacifier). And then we went to Jpeg's fave steak place for dinner - the classy Lonestar. The bucket of peanuts came first, then the cheesy fries entree, which I promptly shared (me 3/4, tif 1/4). I felt so cheesed out that I could hardly bear eating my small steak and mash...HAHA as if! I finished every bit of steak and mash!

April 01, 2005

Soy Mocha..lip balm!

This ain’t no April Fools Day joke. I was looking to find a picture of a soy mocha – to complain about how bad soy milk tastes…and instead I found a soy mocha flavoured lip balm! What would possess anyone to make a soy mocha flavoured lip balm? Would it leave you with bad coffee breath all day long? And so I went in search for other weird flavoured lip balms...Instead I found a lipstick vibrator What did I do for entertainment before the internet?!