March 30, 2004

WORD! Like the "mine Mine" seagulls from Nemo - last week was a pain in the ass...but it's looking up!!

It's a WRAP!!!!!!! Yes filming for XO men has finally finished. Talk about a monsterous epic effort. Never before has BCK films been so amateur professional with more than two people as crew and with real sound equipment! teehee! Now I have some form of weekend - AND there are no races on sunday which is abit sad but also makes me so happy because I have no commitments - I can sleep in and do whatever I want...maybe it's time to dye my hair blonde ;p

Anyways so many people to thank and to ask for forgiveness for my often tyrannical hissy fit ways - you all know who you are!

Meanwhile, am really pissed off at internet access at home. At first I thought it was AOL's crappy busy connection, then my parents said it was because the optus bill hadn't been paid, but then I paid it and now it's still not working. NOT HAPPY JAN. I am so going to get broadband!

What else - it was jpeg's birthday last week and we had a little bbq party for him on saturday night. He hasn't partied hard in a long time and so let him off his little leash (hahah I bluff!) and told him to have a good time. 21 hours of drinking and partying later, he finally came back. I think he was sweating out straight Jim Beam fumes. ewwww...

I"m going away to Mudgee on a planners conference tomorrow - will be back on friday. I dont know many people who are going but apparently it should be good *fun*. I'm staying in a B&B all by my lonesome.

Next week i'm goin to Perth! I can't believe how fast the last 3 months have gone - except for the last week which went by at a crawling pace. But now it's flying by! Can't believe it's all systems go!!!!

Oh last friday night, after much apprehension I went to see Sharon's Animal Farm production. I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be quite entertaining and the 'gay' farm house pigeon made my night hahha.. "coo cooo!"

March 25, 2004

*new flash*

This morning I was happily crunching on my cereal whilst reading a magazine, until it stopped being crunchy. In fact it was soft and definately not the right texture. Instinctively I spat out the mouthful wondering if I had eaten some giveaway toy or something from the box. Until I remembered I wasn't eating a children's cereal with giveaways!! I was eating a sports cereal - shit! I looked down in horror to see floating in my bowl.. a HUGE MOTHERFUCKING BLACK COCKROACH. I reallly didnt want to believe that it had been in my mouth. I shrieked in my best girlie voice, ran to the sink and proceeded to spit and gargle a half a bottle of listerine. At first I was too busy screaming and crying to tell my parents what all the fuss was, they thought I was having a fit or a heart attack or something. I think my dad was trying his best not to laugh!!!!!!!! That's the last time I eat cereal! I'm sticking to bacon and egg rolls from now on :p~

So please people, the moral of this story is - ALWAYS check your cereal thoroughly before you eat!

March 24, 2004

The Lexicon of Friends...

After reading Joe's blog entry - I noticed how various words have filtered through to everyone's vocab. There are a few on high rotation amongst my friends that come from different stages of my life. I dont know if it's from my influence or it's coincidential, but lets go through a few.

Struggle-town! Dont be hating! a'aiht (alright)! Struggle town is a fave. It's like "cannot!" only funnier. These 'chigger' terms appeared during the Buzz period - when I used to hang out with the buzzoids through my association with Shar :) It made the whole 'baller' thing seem fun. And it was back then.

Cut-ting! This is a KS hall of fame word. Although I dont pretend to own it (i think Mars may have helped to popularise the term) everyone knows that Cutting is the most efficient way to describe my 'shoot from the hip' remarks.

Wah-lau eh! A popular malaysian term that was taken to it's peak during last season. A Chad classic - O'Chiens Eleven wouldn't have been the same without it.

How's it! Slowly infiltrating and people don't even realise! I think it's a popular fijian or islander greeting. Similar to the aussie "G'day". I caught Clinton using it the other day and it cracked me and jpeg up!

'Eat My Water!' A soon to be popular term used to full effect in the 2003/2004 season. A Kim Shaw pysche out.

More words when i have time....

March 22, 2004

I promise this will be a whinge-free entry! hahaha....

Well the NSW dragonboat season is officially over - though we still have Dragonfest and National Titles! Spent all saturday at Penrith racing and then had to struggle through dinner - I think it marks a new era, when I have to TRY and finish my lobster without sleeping! eeeek!

Sunday was spent filming. Let's say my concentration isnt that great over a 7 hour continuous period. I dont know how Clinto does it, but I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement and understanding through my hissy fits! I think I'm going to start prioritizing. My body just can't physically do all these i getting old?!

Scalp Punch!! Just a quick note - my shower head is great - it has a great full pressure stream jet that is almost like THE scalp punch. The scalp punch is a fant-abulous hair washing machine that has high power jets to massage your scalp with hot water and thus in combination with the 'special secret formula' Dr. Ong shampoo will transform your bald scalp into a very thin and fine baby hair lawn (except on your head). Anyhow Fiona got one for her wedding present - and she refuses to believe that my showerhead can do the same. She wants to know that her japanese imported $2000+ machine that gives her hair instant volume is irreplaceable. hehehe...Let's just say it does the job for me...

March 19, 2004

What a crappy ass week it has been. I'm ready to erase this entire week and start all over again on monday (oh joy!).

Weeks like this make me contemplate what other career paths I could have chosen..something with a more creative slant on it.

Will try and do this photography project sometime soon - any of you out there that are interested in photography should give it a go! Here is the link to Q & A project!

EXCITEMENT PLUS! Mars has purchased Season 1 and 2 Felicity!!!!! Am going to plan a Felicity Viewing Sleepover! teeheehee!!
Jumping on the Marissa Quiz Bandwagon again....

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enough said. ;)

March 18, 2004

No Fillings! Yay!

Today i went to the dentist. My gum had become infected and swollen so I went to get it checked out. His advice - listerine! I knew I shouldn't have stopped with the listerine! ha! He also said that these infections often occur when you are either dont get enough sleep, eat too many sweets, or are under stress. I said yes to all three! BAH! Why am I under stress? Because I have work deadlines (am fillling in for the admin guy - seamingly menial tasks can take HOURS to complete!) , too many extracircular activities coming out of my ass, and abit of exhaustive physical training topped off with an extra serving of family guilt shoved down my throat.

Am in dire need of a drink!

March 17, 2004

BAH! I'm in more pain than yesterday. Throw me a big fat red juicy steak to repair all my muscles please!!!!
After weights and state training last night I can't walk properly - I walk abit like a cowboy! I think I will reduce the weights for my squats - I can't bend over for anything...ANYTHING! kekeke...

March 16, 2004

Urggh!! *cough splutter*

Yesterday I went to the gym and did some massive power sets of weights (okay so maybe 50kgs at the most) and today...I am aching! Even menial tasks such as walking up the stairs to the other office have become a huge effort. The thought of going all the way out for a coffee is enough to cut my addiction! So I sit here like a vegetable deprived of my coffee...

Speaking of addictions, I am extremely upset at my few of my close friends who were 'socially' smoking on the weekend. Infact let's just say I had a mini-breakdown of sorts. I was gutted by their actions because normally they do not smoke or so they claim (when i reflect on it now I realise increasingly often I see them associate alcohol and filthy ciggies). Call me hypersensitive, but the sight of them all sitting around in a little circle of smoke was enough to ruin my weekend. Although I haven't personally been touched by cancer, I notice how alot of people around me have and I don't plan to watch my friends slowly die infront of my eyes. Which is why I'm taking making my point now. Sure, hey! It's only a puff or two, but lately it's becoming more like a ciggie or two and soon it will be a packet or two and then it will become a daily habit not a 'social' habit that you can just switch on and off on the weekend.

I dont think smoking changes who you are as a person, other than you might become desperately addicted and do crazy things to fix the addiction. i can't help thinking that smoking is just a socially accepted vice, so that soon they won't think twice about shooting up some heroin. too extreme an example? Being melodramatic now? care factor: zero. SMOKE YOU, YOU SMOKERS! Look what you've made me do, go on some high moral ground! ARGH I'm getting all G'eed up! I'm not a person of high morals normally but CANCER is insane stuff. Look we might all get cancer through other things like mobile phone, hairdryers and the like, but why do something that directly contributes to it.

And I thought peer pressure smoking only occurred in highschool...I can't even pretend to conceal my disappointment.


March 15, 2004

Good Morning Loyal Blog-voyeurs.

It�s another calm and sleepy Monday morning here, so I thought I�d do a quick blog entry.

This weekend I went down to Canberra for our annual Canberra Festival DB Races. Usually it�s a lot of fun racing and partying hard afterwards, but this year it was subdued because of the location at the Carotel Motel. This is the infamous motel where Tony and Gavin were kicked out about 3 years ago and consequently our team was banned from that motel for life. Except that our team name has now changed and the alternative motel we used to stay at was demolished. So we were back partying at the Carotel and promptly got told off at like 10.30pm for our high spirits! Which led to little breakaway parties and hushed drinking games behind closed doors, not really the excitement I was looking for or expecting so I chucked the towel in and called it a night and went to bed early. Ordinarily I don�t think the motel would get a lot of customers since it is highly dodgy and probably just worthy of a 2 star rating, but as the races are part of the Canberra Long weekend and it was packed! Personally I think Canberra Day is a scam. What�s to celebrate about being in Canberra? Where has our Sydney Day public holiday gone eh?! But I digress.

Anyhow the important thing is that we won the Mixed Finals and came third in the Opens (mens) final (I had to change sex for one race). And aside from all my other usual whinging, my BIGGEST whinge of the weekend was that Jpeg missed all my finals because he was �stranded� in Fyshwick by HT (who was driving the car) was too engrossed to leave the warehouses. Not. Happy. Jan.

Another thing I noticed about Canberra is how different it is from Sydney. Mars highlighted this to me when she said �I feel like I�m at home. Everyone is a Bogan - no one dresses up!�. I told her that everyone was also white and they were looking at us because we were look like we�re a big group of Asians tourists. But she was right - I had no qualms about going to dinner in my yoga pants or walking through the shopping centre in my paddling gear, which in Sydney would have warranted unapproving comments from people like myself! (They're such westies! heehehee)

Okay so it wasn't really that quick...

Blog out.

March 11, 2004

ah-ha! just as I suspected...I'm too tall to become a secret agent.

On other spy related news, Jennifer Garner of Alias fame is now the CIA poster girl for recruiting spies. I wonder if all those wigs are tax deductible? She's hardly inconspicous with her flaming red hair wig and hot body!

March 10, 2004

Hello Loyal Blog Readers!

Today is work zombie day. Everyone is walking around the office like a zombie...the first explanation is the extreme heat yesterday and last night, everyone was deprived of sleep and therefore in a walking sleeping state. The other (more honest) explanation is that alot of people drank alot of beer to cool themselves down, resulting in a walking sleeping hungover state.

Last night I said goodbye to Moppy. He's leaving to go to Shannxi Provence in China (apparently nearish to Beijing) to teach english to the Chinese. He's what we call an 'egg'. White on the outside and yellow on the inside! Will miss you're funny humour and bar tender skills, Moppus!

Here are some typical Taiyuan snacks from Shannxi....go the cat ears!!

1. Steamed Doughball Made from Naked Oats
The Shanxi people make the flour of the naked oats grown on northern cold highlands in the province into small dough balls with boiling water, and then steam them. They are extremely delicious when eaten together with mutton and chili oil.

2. Chopped Noodle
The willow-leaf shaped Chopped Noodles are garnished or fried. It has a delicious taste.

3. Cat Ear
It is called this because its shape resembles a cat ear. Cat Ear is made of dough stewed in boiling water and then garnished or fried.

4. Eight-Delicacy Soup
Also called Tounao, the syrup contains three fatty pieces of mutton, and tonic vegetables. Its aroma combines the smell of liquor, herb and mutton.

March 08, 2004

Oh before I forget.

Congrats to Joe and Eugene!!!

They made it on the Mens Team and are coming with us to Perth for the National Champs. WOOHOO! Good work guys!

Also thanks to the most awesome coach, Kit (and tony) for organising surprise Champers for us to celebrate before training on saturday morning!!!
Oh Mickey You're so Fine!

Ahh the foolish things we do when we are bored - Shar showed me the little webcam clip that Tracey, Karina and I did at Shar's place 3 or so years ago. We were mucking around on a rainy day and decided to choreograph and sing and dance. Lovin' it! Will post a link to it if it ever goes on the web.

It was a crazy crazy weekend. Filming has finally begun and Shitty Bitchy Whingy Beck made several special guest appearances (is it strange that I talk about myself in the third person?). I blame this on crappy weather dampening my spirits and my clothes and my monthly cycle (grrr). It's amazing how the weather can affect your mood. I dont think I would have lasted one day in the rain on Survivor. All that dripping wet rain, soggy clothes and dirt for the one afternoon is enough to convince me that we should be building under cover carparks everywhere regardless of how ugly they are or what impact they have on the environment. ha! *vent*

Anyhow the filming was somewhat successful, as always we 'winged it' on almost every second shot due to time and location constraints. Everyone was being most co-operative, something about being in a dragonboat team builds up a great sense of team effort - I think they're just used to listening and following instructions to help us out...or just scared. hehe :D

On Saturday night I finally got to celebrate making it onto the State Team! Mel, Tif and I went on down to Mal's birthday party at World Bar in Kings X and toasted ourselves "STATES!!". Haven't had a good dance off in ages - and when Harmonie's little party gang came in dressed for Gay Mardi Gras, it was hella funny. I'm just waiting for the blackmail photos to come back to me!

March 03, 2004

I am somewhat disappointed to find out that I am NOT aphrodite goddess of love.
Instead I am Morpheus...strange.

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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Just a quick update...will post up pics etc when i have time.

I'm on my way to Perth and on the road to Shanghai! Yes I made it into the NSW DB team! WOOHOO!
Last Sunday was the trial and while I wasn't happy with the my results (i think I could have done better), I still made it! IT was a close call though, so many strong girls. Loving it! And den? I went and pigged out -nachos and pancakes at Tradewinds Cafe (you rock Tradies!) and KFC afterwards for the satisfying yet sickening feel.

Thanks to all of you who supported me and showed me love and encouragement. (And none to Tony Chan who thought I wouldn't last the first week of IDS bootcamp! Sucker! haha) I'm going to turn into a machine in the next few months so I send my apologies now if I go AWOL from all social outings for a while.

Shout outs to my paddling homeys Kimbo, Melo, The Chad, And Tezza! So HardCore! Joe and Ue - you better paddle your asses off at the retrial this weekend so we can all party hard together in Shangers!!!!!!!!

'XO Men' script is done! So professional. Got log sheets and clapper girls and catering and action sequences and special effects. Filming starts this weekend. I pray for strength, patience and concentration :)

Happy Belated Birthday to 'Auntie' Sylvia Wong who is practically a decade older and wiser than me, but looks the same freaken age as me (good preservation). Anyhow her tragic 80s/mask party was great - lots of old faces and stories to catch up on *evil evil*. Unfortunately I missed out on the 80s revival of our classic karaoke singing days! "Taaake Onnn Meeee..."