June 06, 2007

Banned substances alert!

Big Dave has dictated that certain foods are no longer 'Sydney07 Compliant' which foods that will not make us win a GOLD MEDAL at the world championships in september. The list includes
- chocolate ( dark variety is okay in small amounts ON sundays),
- foods that are high in fat (such as all junk food and bacon and scrambled eggs with cream and butter)
- foods which are high GI value, and high in sugar (which is basically anything that tastes good including pumpkin soup)
and of course BAKED GOODS (which is of course a combination of all things non-compliant).

Which leads me to the topic at hand.... Today I found out that CINNABON has a store in Melbourne, but not in Melbourne city..in Fountain Gate shopping centre which is where Kath and Kim shop.

I've never had a real cinnabon before - they're basically cinnamon rolls with cream cheese topping from The States. Maureena and Red Ginger swear they are delicious...I've yet to try it but am almost contemplating going to Melbourne for the trip (oh and the shopping too). It's almost beginning to sound like the quest for the now not-so-elusive Beard Papa Cream Puff!

Of course I suppose I'll have to wait til after September to go and try one....