February 28, 2006

frangipani tart

tart, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Had the urge to bake tonight after seeing Matt Moran's raspberry frangipani tart in this month's Delicious Magazine. And it's one of those rare nights when I dont have anything scheduled! *gasp*

I've never made a 'tart' before - but it was super easy (it is written up as 'foolproof' - my kind of recipe haha)
and i was suckered in coz it's called a frangipani tart!(no there are no flowers in it). And yeah i know you all love it when i use the word 'TART'.

PS. Clearly my tart is the one on the right - supersized and without a dusting of icing sugar.

February 27, 2006

Kia Orana!

Following from the previous post - here is a pic of the $2 a piece bikinis i bought from the seafolly factory outlet sale on the weekend. Not all the pieces shown here were $2, but most were - all up i spent like $50 for 9 pieces - which is what i paid for a 1 piece swimsuit just a few months ago. 9 for the price of 1!

Our OC club colours are orange and purple and so I couldn't resist buying those orange ones with white hibiscus print to wear to club regattas ...and maybe the cook islands race we are hoping to make in November this year!!

'Kia Orana' means Hello in the Cook Islands!

last weekend of summer

I spent the last weekend of summer....

1. Getting drunk on 2-4-1 cocktails at kuletos in Newtown with the girls and trying to spot out any transsexuals waiterstaff in Thai Potong (alas they were none!)

2. Going crazy at the seafolly factory sale and buying far too many $2 bikinis (1 for each day of the week!) - more pics on the sale to come.

3. Gorging on an international spread of food - big breakfasts, bbqs with german sausages, yumcha and tangy gelato!

4. Winning a silver bling bling medal at State Sprint Titles out in Penrith. Woohoo!

5. But the highlight was coming home to find THAT corner of my room literally swollen with water from the storm. The paint on the wall was holding up like a water balloon in the section above my window. We had to cut a hole in the paint membrane so the water could be drained into a bucket! It was kind of cool - except that my bed got wet and I had to move it into the centre of the room away from the walls. It's so disorienting waking up and realising that everything isn't quite where is should be!

February 21, 2006


wardrobe copy, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

A couple of weeks ago I decluttered my wardrobe. The result is the lower two pics. I thought I had alot of pink until I saw the front page of the Ikea website and fell in love with this cute wardrobe in the top pics. So those were THE pink boxes that kitty kat told me about months ago! Am tempted to use them as shoe boxes! And I have always wanted those pull out belt/accessory drawers...and check out all the handbags hanging off butcher hooks. I think I might head down to ikea this weekend! (dont ask me about the rest of my room - i'm working on one corner at a time people!)

GC Part 2

Today i'm actually awake - and not a walking zombie. I've posted my pics (click on pic above for link) and when clint and sharon upload theirs I might add them to the collection. My next scheduled holiday for 2006 will be Hamilton Island Cup races in June! But maybe I can squeeze in a mini-break during Easter! REally should just be saving pounds for Europe trip though!

PS. Am still dreaming of baking cupcakes for $$. How much would you pay for a cupcake?

February 20, 2006

Raah-sul! (Gold Coast Part 1)

Back from Gold Coast. Thoroughly exhausted - not the relaxing holiday I had envisaged but anyhow, the Queensland marketing campaign is 'Very G.C'. I would suggest that the G.C stands for Good and Crap. Here are top Good/Crap moments from the weekend.(pics to come later)

1.Delayed flights and threat of cancellation on departure but weather cleared up and we were able to fly (1 hour behind schedule).

2.Movie world wasn’t as good as I remembered – it’s much smaller than American theme parks. However, Superman Ride was gut wrenching, face-contortingly fast – those G-forces made me scream and then laugh at myself for screaming.

3. Scooby Doo roller coaster ride was fantastic, it starts off like a dodgy ghost train carnival ride, then hits you where it hurts when it turns into a backwards-cant-see-where-you’re-going-in-the-dark-just-like-playing-corners-at-high-speed rollercoaster joy ride!

4.Very Crappy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give me Sydney food anyday! The only saving graces during the trip were Sapporo Japanese Restaurant at Broadbeach (who knew I craved rice that much!), and Lonestar (when Lonestar tastes so good, you know the standard of food around you is not so good).

5.The 'EXOTIC ASIAN...GROCERIES' sign. Unfortunately we never took a picture, but there was classic sign in Mermaid Beach that was huge and wrapped around the building with the ‘exotic asian’ sign facing the direction of traffic and then revealing the ‘groceries’ sign as you drove along. He he he!

6. Splendido accommodation was indeed splendido, except for dodgy shower head in ensuite! Even got ESPN for Rookie NBA game

7. Lying on the beach in the shade of... a 20 storey building. Jpeg needed a nanna nap out of the sun - he was sceptical that there would be sufficient shade on the beach – until I pointed at the football field sized shadow cast along the beach.

8. Kath and Kims walking and talking everywhere – especially at the Buffet! ‘Noice!’

9. Paying someone to shave off dead bits of skin encrusted with Blackwattle Bay dirt off bottom of my feet and paint my toe hot coral orange!

10.Complete lack of quality surfie shopping. Was bitterly disappointed to not grab any bikini bargains! Just overpriced big brand crap as usual.

PS. The title - 'Raah-sul' is the dodgy old man who's Exotic Asian girlfriend worked at Asian massage and beauty place where I got pedicure. The GF was bossing him around yelling his name which in English is 'Russell'.

February 14, 2006

v day! circa 2004

Y'all thought I'd missed vday? Well here's a blast from the past - a lovely pic of my jpeg hugging his special vday balloon and special Lawrence from our 2004 vday party. he he he!

February 13, 2006

CNY Race 2006

Red Ginger and I decided that it would be fun to help out our ‘Nagas’ for our favourite DB race of the season – the Chinese New Year races at Darling Harbour. There’s something about Darling Harbour that’s special – I think packing everyone into a small venue create an awesome atmosphere, plus it’s a great social event – saying hi to all your friends who come on down for a cheer! (better than trekking to Penrith to see a race) Our team did good for a ‘newbie’ team, who are up against some tough competition! Unfortunately, no prizes - but they came away with some good race experience I think. Red Ginger and I were happy give it our all for 1 minute x 6 races. And we both agreed that we missed the racing, but not the training. Ha-ha! Afterwards we joined the PDs who were crashing the ACCA party. They know how to crash a party – just bring in the cowgirls with waterpistols & one gay cowboy (more mardi gras than brokeback mountain methinks!).

February 08, 2006

counting down the days...

Hellish day at work - oh yes, the joys of counter duty. I guess it's good to be super busy - new pedometer (that came with my new digital scales) indicates that I have walked 6.3km so far today up and down those stairs. EEEk. I swear I just heard a rat run through the air-conditioning duct above my desk. Distinctly heard the pitterpatter of vermin like feet from the left ear to my right ear!

Am in crappy mood because sleep was interrupted at 5am this morning to the sounds of my dog retching up bits of watermelon skin (ask my mother, it has nothing to do with me). So very unpleasant, especially when i went out to check on Coco and stepped in a patch of regurgitated watermelon...

But I don't care so much because in two weekend's time I will be sunning myself on the Gold Coast. A bunch of us are going to Movie World - to check out Superman rollarcoaster (100kms/hr in 2 seconds!) and indulge in some movie magic (ooh matrix exhibit). Can't wait!

February 07, 2006


Felt crap this arvo, so skipped training and instead worked on customising the white (temporary looking) design to be more 'me' (ie. pinker bits). Still got some geeky issues with my 'so bad it hurts' html skills, but happy for now with re-introduction of frangipanis and pink-ness. Props to Kittykat for frangi pic from Hawaii Luau adventure, and to Jelli for geekness tips. I know the text colours are crap and will be changing them in near future, otherwise feel free to give me feedback on new design.

(PS. Pinkness will not be toned down and i dont care if all your work colleagues know you are surfing my blog and not doing actual work ha ha).

February 05, 2006

green thongs

green thongs, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

So i work in Kogarah during the week, which isn't the most happening place, (except for my awesome hairstylist!) Anyhow, clintos decided to have his bday dinner at Thai Recipe in kogarah, on Sat night. I guess we made the place more happening! Clintos got some green havaianas, a sports illustrated calender and a voucher for geeky stuff. I also made hime some green tea cupcakes using Santo's recipe modifed from Bill Granger's. I was going to make marizpan yodas (clintos is a starwars and green freak) but in between two paddle sessions and some shopping, I just couldn't squeeze in the time or patience to mould wrinkly old yoda faces...haha

PS. i lied last time...this will actually be the final clinto bday celebration post until next year.


sultry, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

...this is how we kept ourselves entertained at dinner on friday night.

If you must know, they are actually our 'sultry' poses. ha ha ha.


ev+gang, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Ev and Selina (old skool cyl gang) came back to sydney for a visit and we met up for drinks on friday night. Have been so busy recently that all i wanted to do was to go to bed early... instead of Karaoke. (I KNOW!!) ha ha.

February 02, 2006

red light district

red light district, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

No. It's actually just a pic from Fantasy 2006. Click on the pic for a few more pics.

PS. this will be my last clinto tribute for a while ha ha!