February 28, 2004

Well. It's official. I am Hello Kitty. The Kitty with no mouth. I'm kind of glad. Other than this heinous overall outfit she is wearing below, she's usually pretty stylo and is found on a range of useful items such as toasters, pencils, face washers and strangely enough vibrators (dont ask me how i know. I just do.)

I thought I would be more like Spottie Dotti. But I'm not. Does this mean I don't look like a dog. teehee....

February 27, 2004

Do you like my ...banner?
This is what I imagined my summer to be like. Lots of hot days by the beach getting a tan and smelling of frangipanis. Instead i spent most of my summer getting ugly singlet tan lines from training, dry skanky hair from contaminated salt water, smelling like dead fish and sunscreen. Yum! I think every month or so I will update my banners - "What I wish summer was like..." banner vs. "What summer really was like" sort of thing. yay! BTW that awesome pic of me walking on the beach is credited to Mr. Alan Au - (PS did you know the next Sh1ft.org project is on this weekend?! The 24 hour photo project!).
Yesterday I saw "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" which i thought was okay. Jpeg thought it sucked badly. The bad spaghetti western style and corny jokes reminded of the kind of film Clintos and I would make. har har. Even the opening titles were dodgy. I could have done a better job on Adobe Premiere. maybe.

I think I'm going abit loco. Hyper emotional lately. Sudden outbursts of tears for no reason! I think it has to do with my body's depleted energy levels, but I dont feel very tired. Or maybe my body is used to this constant state of fatigue that it doesn't register. Anyhow I plan to do nothing these next two days - except maybe abit of cardio. It's only 2 more sleeps until the big trial day. My initial concerns of not getting up intime for 5.30am start have been allayed -twice! I am now starting at 8am which is great since my body is used to being awake by then.

Lately alot of my highschool friends have been travelling. And not just on a holiday for 2 weeks kind of stints. No. They have become world citizens. Living in places for a few months and travelling around. It's pretty scary. I feel a sense of urgency to follow or else I'll be left behind. A bit like the hobbits who sees the friends get onto that ship with the elves to a better place. They weren't crying because they wouldnt see their friends again...no, they were crying because they knew it was a better place with better parties with lots of better looking people (the elves) haha! Seriously though, I've often contemplated whether I would make the big move to Europe to work and travel. We all get emails from friends who claim they are updating us on their travels, but they're really just gloating about how they are experiencing different cultures, while you're stuck here. Even when they tell us about how they got mugged. It is still gloating about the experience. I live for those emails.

If i were to go, realistically it's only one year or two, but just like any experience it would change your perspective on the world and life forever. B has declared that she will only travel to 'developing' countries, those that are less fortunate than her own, so that she can experience the hardships and come back home thinking how bloody lucky she is and how great her life really is. Just to put it into perspective. Which in theory is great, but who looks forward to a holiday in the slums or shanty towns every year?

February 25, 2004

And just because I promised Chad i would (who happens to be this week's Bikram Yoga Extraordinare) Here is his new website www.chadchong.com

Please excuse the gay-ass honkie pose in the picture....there was no excuse. just love.
Dear Loyal Blog Readers,

At work this morning I had to unbutton my shirt. No, it was not due to my ample breastage. It is because I am turning into the incredible she-hulk. My shoulders and arms are getting so big from my weight training and paddling that my shirt cannot contain me. * GRRRR *

Lucky (or unlucky) for the people at work I have a singlet underneath.

February 24, 2004

This is jpeg as a 'Tropical Tif' doll. On the weekend I finally convinced him that jeans were an essential part of any Sydney wardrobe and that he was no longer living in a tropical island. Mars declared "he's just like your very own ken doll and you're just like barbie!". When they make a mongolian-asian-amazonian barbie, then I might agree. HAR!

February 20, 2004

I guess I should blog to say Tropfest short film fest is on this sunday. Our "just un-do it" entry didnt make it to the first round, but we got our name printed in the paper as a consolation prize. Clintos has informed me that he is not as excited this time 'round to see his name in the paper. I think he's become quite jaded. He's entered our 'enter the dragonboat' short film into some other comps in the off chance we might win something (again). I suspect he's going the probability theory. The more comps we enter, the more chance we have of winning. Unfortunately - unlike lotto - the entries get judged and therefore the chances of our film being pulled out of a hat as a winner are....well very low. But it's still fun making them!

February 19, 2004

What I do on my days off. Part 1.

Some of you think I'm a council bludger (har) and wonder what i get up to on my days off (as a reward for all my hard work). So I've decided to share some of the hi-jinks and fun.

No.1 Washing Jpeg's clothes at the laundromat

February 18, 2004

Chinese New Year Post-Race Pics

Relive the partying and excitment of the post-race party. No really, we just ate at Pailou food court. click here

Are you a challenger?

According to this smh article there is a new 'consumer group' known as 'The Challenger'
"Researchers found Challengers mistrusted politicians and showed no bias to any one political party. They did not trust the accuracy of television reporting and thought companies should prevent environmental damage."

I find it strange to think there are people out there who trust pollys, tv reporting and big companies... are they "The Followers". Bunch of marketing wankers.....

Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

February 17, 2004


Thanks to Alan for his poetic party pics (always trying to make our parties look classy!)
Notice the heart shaped cake which was named in honour of me by Sylvia and Joe. It is of course very sweet. almost sickly sweet to taste on the inside - so much so that no one wanted to eat it (but they were full from the waffles...) But just like it's namesake - it look oh so good from the outside! har ;-p

*phew* Back online baby!

New Design = Being Published.

February 16, 2004


Here are the pics from our Kangaroo Valley Canoeing Camping Trip on Australia Day Long Weekend.

Pain in my lower back. What a weekend.

After the excitment of winning the CNY races - I slacked off. I didnt train during the week at IDS or even go to the gym, not once. So when the weekend came and I had to really pysche myself up for the 3 training sessions. I was not happy or motivated. But i'm glad i went, I don't feel so guilty now -considering time trials are only two weeks away.

My pathetic fear of pain (associated with training of course ;p) probably has something do with a 'semi-big' friday night ( these days anything with alcohol is considered a 'biggie'. We (our little merry band of easily drunk asians!) have moved on from the seedy pit known as Bar Ace (my defining moment in our relationship with Bar Ace is when Mars' has to scoop out the remaining strands of regurgitated cajun chicken spaghetti into the bin in the women's toilets...with the strands sliding down the red wall tiles like those sticky toys kids throw at walls...ahhh the memories!!). Our new home is one block up to the ocka pub 'Edinburgh Castle' aka 'Boganville Pub' (because you dont have to be dressed up to go in). Everybody has been blindly led to drinking Mars' choice of piss at the moment - St Arnou Pils. The first few gulps are refreshingly bitter, but after a full glass, it just tastes like all beer - what i imagine a cold glass of de-salinated urine would taste like...yum!

Anyhow after a very scary morning training session (scary because i scared myself by yelling like a possessed woman at the team..only to motivate of course, sledging reports are unconfirmed) - and an awesome IDS session, I was ready to sleep, except there was party that i helped organise, that I had to go to! It was great - aside from the room full of hot bodies and hot food, i think everyone had fun. We didnt really have any games or music, but the secret admirers presents exchange was fun, even if it wasn't 'secret' anymore, and there was plenty loving in the love corner, and lots of funny pictures. Thanks to everyone that showed and for their contributions, and special thanks to Vicky and Chris for letting us use their place and to Elainers for her decorating efforts and to awesome sylvioso for her baking and "everything is under control, Beckiiii!!!" in the kitchen (especially when everyone yelled out "is something burning in the oven?!"). I fell asleep for two hours during the party. My body was in protest after the heat, the sunburn and training.

February 14, 2004

Can you feel it? The gayness of Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine's Day to you all.
Share the lurve. Yes, there's V day party this weekend! Hooray for parties!
Here's the gay-ass invite. I am preparing to make heart shaped pizzas. AND the long awaited Cherry Dream Cake - i have never made this before but after much drooling over disgruntled housewife's recipe and an unhealthy desire for kitsch - it shall be made!

Will report back later!

February 11, 2004

Incase you didn't already know...this is Jpeg
He doesn't like taking photos with me... Or by himself... But he doesn't mind taking them with my friend Shar! *hmp*

February 08, 2004


In the now immortal words of my good friend Kimbo "eat my waterrrr!". Yes - We won it!! Sometimes I catch myself being abit blas� about winning races, since it is my eight season �they tend to blend into one and I can�t distinguish one year from another, but this one will definitely be remembered! Definitely! This weekend was the high profile Chinese New Year races at Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour races are always one of my faves because there�s a great crowd who are practically on top of you in the water, and it�s always much more exciting �even though the course itself is abit dangerous (dodging ferries and water taxis) and the finish line on a weird distorted skew, so you really never know if you have won or not until they announce it. Which is what happened when we finally won the Mixed Sports Final.

We didn�t know if we had or not because it was so close, but when they announced it we went bananas (from all the �b-na-na-na-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-na-na�make those bodies sing�) jumping up and down screaming and cheering like possessed people. There were only a few milliseconds between first, second and third, considering we won out of a field of like 30 something teams. I'm mega impressed that my puny asian team (said with great affection and a touch of irony considering I am not a puny asian) won against all the big CAM teams. Bruhahahahhaha! It�s all about the UP UP UP�s, baby!

It�s one of the most satisfying wins I�ve had in my dragonboating �career� (hahahah that is such a funny term) and so I send my thanks and highfives to my awesome team and coaches and support crew (who were smart enough bring a shade cloth!) and cheer squads and to the people who made the sunscreen that prevented me from frying to a crisp in the 30+ degree heat and the people who made my $300 ultra light carbon paddle (it almost makes the it worth that ridiculous amount of money�almost!).

To celebrate our victory we had our 'traditional' meal at Pailou food court (it's actually sussex centre but we stick with the good old name) and I had a light beer (talk about BIG celebrations :p) . And then dancing with Jpeg and his friends and my dear little Sodie (J.Low's little sister) from Fiji. She had never been out on the town since she's come to Sydney, so we showed her around. Didnt want to get her expectations up too high so we started at the Kensington RSL. HA! Showed her how to play the pokies ("never hesitate on the red and black just go with whichever your finger takes you...") of course we lost our money, but it was a good entertainment for a whole hour! Then went on to Mocha nightclub, which was all good, except I was dressed in my dirty cargo skirt, singlet and thongs from racing that day - no change of clothes, at least I had a shower! They probably thought I was a derro that just came off the street or off the boat :p

After a few hours sleep had to haul my tired ass back to Darling Harbour for corporate races. We did really well and came third in the Mixed A Corporate Finals.

Still feel unprepared for state trials at the end of this month, but am going to make myself train alot harder, knowing that it's not out of reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 06, 2004

Are you the next CORVU IDOL

Dragonboat season is going off already. Unlike the last few years - the VIBE is back right at the beginning of the season! (Can you feel it?!) Tonight we had our Corvu Idol Auditions at CNY Pasta Night. Basically just grabbed people and told them they had to do a performance for us on camera. Hilarity ensued.

February 05, 2004

Old Man Poo!

After wednesday night's training session, a few of us had dinner at a Northern Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown- super cheap eat noodle dinner for $7.00 (it was quite nice...except for excessive garlic in the jelly fish - why there was raw garlic i dont know). We were harassed by the restaurant next door who tried to lure us in by proclaiming (in their funny mainlander way) that "our very good business success over the last 8 months must mean we have made big achievement for ourselves" (I wanted to reply - "that does not make me want to eat in your restaurant to continue to contribute to your achievement" - i think it's more because people can't be arsed to wait for a seat next door and just go in because there are tables available..) Anyhow the wait was worth it for a table in this restaurant, where else can you enjoy your meals surrounding by unique 'cultural' decor consisting of plastic grapevines from the ceiling (complete with grapes) and carpet on walls (stylo!) During dinner, Mr. Law Lau (aka Supergay) recounted his day at the hospital where he watched nurses scrape faeces from an old guy's back and bed....and thus began the infamous "Old Man Poo" song.

Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo,
If you have too much curry it will be runny like goo!
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo *insert waving arm action*
He couldnt get out of bed so he didnt make it to the loo.
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo
Sitck it up his bum and flick it on you
(dont forget to lick it too) *insert finger pointing action*
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo *insert waving arms*
Lauries index finger up an old mans bum too,
puts it under your nose so you can smell it too (ewww!)
smells like his fart in Marissa's face too
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo
Smells worse than elephant shit from the zoo
Old Man Poo. Old Man Poo...

(you get the drift basically any lines that rhyme with 'old man poo'. (thanks to mars and jojoba for the bad lines hahaha)

February 03, 2004

The roof! The roof! The roof is on.....not.
Actually the roof wasn't even on. Yesterday they were doing roof maintenance on my work building. A freak storm hit them just as they were almost finishing up. The result? Flooding of the top floor and the main server for all council. Of course we were concerned for people in the top floor, who had to salvage their computers and work files (half ya luck! I wish all my files got rain damage) But I was more concerned with the possibility of 1. No computers for at least half day = no work. 2. No committee meeting at night = not having to sit and amuse morons (councillors). Unfortunately, our IT dept are far too efficient and the server was up when I walked in this morning. And we still had the meeting last night. Though we might as well have not gone, since they didnt acknowledge our reports and basically were in lockdown/shutdown mode for upcoming elections. My 'stealth' manager told us all to take 1 month holiday until the elections since we wont have to do any work (but he was just joking...damn!)

February 02, 2004


Alan, Law and Clinto re-living the excitment of funk class

Thanks shar! Notice the new addition to my blog everyone?! Yes now I can post pics up (i've just been to lazy to learn!)

Funky Popping Action

Break it down, Clintos Style. For clinton's bday a whole bunch of us funksters went to Sydney Dance Company for their Funk Class. We were hoping the teacher would be Robyn Laou of 'Girlfriend' fame (a one hit wonder girl group in the 90s) but instead we got Yolanda Thomas, who was great. Except we were in elementary instead of beginners, but we managed to keep up with all the 'hard-core' dancing girls in the front of the class (hogging the mirrors!). The routine we learnt was to Thicke's 'Get you Alone' which isnt the greatest song, but the routine was pretty good and we have it on video - if clinto can be bothered we might put it up on the website. Anyhow learnt alot of cool moves for the next dance party we attend. Will be 'popping' and 'stevie wondering' it on the dance floor...haha