October 27, 2003

Shopping with other people's money

Yay! The only way to stop me from spending my money is to spend other people's money! teeheehee! Shar has embarked on her 'make-me-over' once every 3 year shopping expedition. I could totally do this for a living! Will have to resist the urge to say "schouss your sleeves". Noice! Very Noice!

Our little short film 'Enter the Dragonboat' is online baby! click HERE!

I also made my first ever cushion on the weekend! click here

Only a few weeks away until YGD & Egglick's BIG DAY! aiya!!!!! I feel so unprepared as an MC....promise to do some reading up on it.

October 20, 2003

Muscle Memory
Oh the sweet pangs of muscle pain. Yes it's that time of the year again...rowing season. Or 'paddling' season as the technically correct term is....whatever! The main point is that dragonboat season is upon us again. argh...Our first event was on sunday down at Rodd Point. We came second in mixed event, which is really good considering we co-hosted the event and havent been training much (i've only been to 2 whole sessions! both easy ones hehe!). Anyhow, have to really decide if I should concentrate on outrigging this year - but it's kind of hard since it means i will be b-balling, outrigging and dragonboating. Don't want to spread myself too thin (hahah if only it would make me thinner)

Hoochie Mama is BACK - missed you so much my little car! It's like my wings were clipped but now i'm freeeee again :)

Also, apparently I've got an official attachment with a jpeg file. hehe ;-)

October 17, 2003

�That really is Hattori Hanzo steel�
Saw Kill Bill volume 1 last night @ Randwick Ritz. It was bloody brilliant. 'Bloody' being the main theme of the movie. Loving the cheesy old skool opening credits and loving the sound track. Definately going to see it again!

October 15, 2003

Hoochie Mama is still getting fixed. I is NOT happy! Wont be ready til Friday! This sucks monumentally.

On a happier note. Today the sun is shining and I can smell summer approaching....last night Mum had to baby sit 'jackson' the most well-behaved Jack Russell I have ever met. Well I haven't met many, but he's pretty well behaved from what I can tell. AND he's 12 years old - maybe that has something to do with him listening and being a vision of calm and cuteness.

October 14, 2003

Hello! Just a quick blog to say HELLO JOE coz i know you're a devoted reader (ie you have nothing much better to do, you should start your own blog!)

And there are some new photos up , but you'll have to scour around for them ya selfs. okay it'sin the friends section. Also am going ot add those AWESOME pics from Alan's pics on the Bateman's Bay trip. Go you good thing. Except for that weird one of me posing on the beach. (what was i thinking?! I was going to do a sexy pose but was too put off by those indian dudes watching from the beach so instead did some weird hand action YMCA thing. hmmm...)

October 13, 2003

Ain't no fun....
Another weekend passes...Can't believe it's only a few more weeks til Fiona and Eric's wedding!!! Can't believe the entire year has seemingly flashed by without me noticing!!! Can't believe I'm using so many exclaimation marks!! :-p If you asked me what I was doing this time last year I'd say "mental blank". Anyhow finally got around to doing a budget - if I were a small nation, I'd have to say "it's time for a recession we have to have". Time to seriously monitor my spending habits - of course 'essential items' like matching shoes for my dress and a handbag will not be off limits...haha.. No..seriously.

Last week I watched two carnivale performances. 'Little Asia Dance' which included 5 solo female performances of totally contemporary off the wall dancing with plenty of Tits & Ass action! Of course Clinto fell asleep after the 3rd act. hehe! Then on friday night went to see 'Solo for Two' with none other than the brilliantly loud and fun Miss Sylvia. The german breakdancer was too cool for skool, and he was definately old skool. I think the two teenage B-boys sitting infront of us were almost as entertaining with their "yeahhh dats da shiiit" and "uh - AWESOME!" everytime 'Storm' laid down some hot moves (do i sound like a B-girl? NOT).

Went to the NLSA danceparty on weekend - which turned out to be a BIG success. Was totally impressed with the turn-out and had lots of fun dancing, though my ears didnt stop ringing til sunday arvo, which suggests that (a) the speakers were too loud (b) i'm getting old and my recovery time is now longer.. agh. tragically i think it might be a combination of both.

Actually went to the gym today - been feeling crapiola coz I hadn't been in two weeks, so it felt good to go for a quick run. Just realised I'm playing mixed and womens bball comp starting this week, so hopefully will be doing more exercise!

The other day I went to Newtown and finally bought a new keyring - a 'gloomy bear' one no less. It�s a cute Japanese anime bear � like Hello Kitty and all those other gay characters, only this one is different, he likes attacking children. I�m talking bloody teeth and claws on a pink bear. It was so sadistically brilliant, I had to get it! Anyhow here are some links this one is the story behind Gloomy Bear and this one has some cool products .

October 08, 2003

I'M definately not 'LOVIN' IT!
Tonight I revisted our old sunday haunt, the Auburn ball courts. I remember the seemingly endless sundays of basketball and the smell of stale sweat and the sounds of squeaking shoes, the hot hot summer days and the cold cold winters mornings. I know I still play ball and get to smell sweat and hear overpriced-overrated-mass-produced-sweatshop-made shoes being squeaked on the courts at KGV...it's just different. "yars yars, twas me golden era of happy bball days...back in my day we played for fun and mucked around afterwards, before the money and the hype and the dreams to be bigger, better and more serious took over". hehe.. When I first started playing ball, i used to wear these terribly short bikepants aka hotpants, hoping to distract the other team with my 'stunning' (read: hideously white and wobbly) legs...because i couldnt play for shit. And when we were happy when we came third in the girls comp. Nowdays I wear longer shorts - i think there's some relationship between my skill level and the length of my shorts (though i still can't play for shit). Or maybe I just got out of my tragic hot pants phase....

And for those of you who love the affection-vortex I've added a link to her blog - one of her self-styled tributes to herself (for further references see her website) hehe . And she wonders why I pay her out so much...*ahhh* I guess i'm feeling sentimental - back to the golden days. How things change-ed.

October 07, 2003

The world is my oyster
This long weekend I went down to Bateman's Bay with Clinto, Syl, Shar, Mars, Wayne, Allen, Joe, Elainers and Shazza. Spent the whole three days eating, laughing and mucking around. Highlights of the weekend - playing grid-iron on the beach, witnessing "Jamie Lim" and "Clinto Oliver" cook up their 'quick n easy' (2 hour) pukka tukka gourmet hamburgers, and our little oyster tour of Bateman's Bay. See the pics here

Last night I watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' '- it is TOO funny. I love make-over/transformation/instant renovation shows!!

October 02, 2003

I had my SECOND car accident yesterday! Talk about shitty shitty bang bang! Anyhow let's not talk of such evil things and paper cuts (dont ask). I put more pics up on the pics link. Am still in love with my little camera. I think I'm going to have to start naming my inanimate objects - like Cazz does. Or maybe just put a "mr." infront of it like elainers does. Hmm.. Mr. Camera. or "Izzy" coz it's an Ixus.

Last night I went to see Flamenco Rocks - a performance of flamenco and rock music with dancers. Am totally loving the *stomp *stomp* *clap clap* dancing. Sylvia and I plan to stomp our way through the long weekend (and annoy our friends!) *evil cackle and stomp*

October 01, 2003

Hello World!
I'm so excited - everyone knows i'm snap happy, and ever since i got my digital camera it's a photo riot. I think everyone will get sick of me soon. Anyhow i've set up the link My Pics! and put a few photos up, but will definately be putting ALL my favourite photos and videos! (yay) when i get time. and possibly the winning short film...