May 25, 2003

Girls own adventure
The Girlie weekend away was great! I love doing nothing! I learnt how to build a fire, how not to chop wood (my impression of the Easter Show woodchoppers was very very poor!), and how to toast a perfect spotted marsmellow. The lodge was great, right at the foothills of the rainforest (which I spent a total of 20 minutes in) and you can hear the soothing sounds of the river rushing in the background all day.

The trip back to Sydney was an exercise in beating boredom. There was a massive traffic jam on the highway which was at standstill. There's a remarkable difference between being stuck in a jam in sydney and stuck in a jam in a country area. People strike up conversations with people next to them, they sprint into the bush in the median strip to pee, they pull out stubbies of beer and drink them by the side of the road like they're at a BBQ. There wasn't much aggro. Tracey and I amused the kids in the car next to us by singing to the radio and then doing bad a capella versions of our fave karaoke songs. When we couldn't eat anymore junkfood we dared each other to suck on limes. Nothing like abit of sour fruit to bring out the simple sweetness of life. What a Girls' own adventure! haha.

May 18, 2003

Me = Spoilt Brat
Friday nite's Birthday Feast was fantastic. Ate like a pig at Shar's place. Her parents hosted a fabula seafood gorge fest for my friends! Complete with chilli mud crab! Wooo! Better than any restaurant. tiny G, Shar & Trace made a chocolate mud cake for me. V. impressed by everyone's efforts and feel utterly spoilt. AND they bought the Lilo car boinger off Ebay for me! Yay! My very own piece of disney/hawaiian kitsch to love!

May 15, 2003

Spoilt Brat = Millionairess
Did you know it's now OK to be a whiney brat? When did it become ok?! How come no one told meeeeeeee?!! Apparently if you're a good looking twenty-something year old chick, with a swimsuit calendar body (oh beauty is *such* a disability!) and you're spoilt, whinge alot and rely upon other people to get you places, then you too can win US$1million. Just like the winner of Survivor. Ha! I see a bad pattern emerging. Did you watch 'The Amazing Race'? Same bimbo brat, different body also won US$1million. Clearly this is the calling to my true destiny in life ....hahahahahahahahhaa!

May 12, 2003

B.Lee taught me a new useful term to put on my work self evaluation 'V.L.E'. Let me use an example to illustrate the beauty of this term. Today I stuffed 900 envelopes for a neighbourhood mail-out. Of course I was fully prepared for the paper cuts and black fingers as we were taught how to do mail-outs as part of our degree ('communications'). Our enveloping machine at work wasn't designed to envelope a 20 page document and a flyer into an A4 envelope. It is, however, absolutely *brilliant* at folding, enveloping and sealing 2 single A4 pages into a standard envelope, but anything more than 2 pages is too 'difficult'. So stupid! And tomorrow i have to restuff the same envelopes with individual covering letters and label and seal them. Double handling? Waste of time? No! I merely put it down as another day of Valuable Learning Experiences (VLE)....

May 11, 2003

Waaaah Laaaaau!!
Yes, it's all over! The grand premiere of O11 @ our dragonboat presentation nite was awesome (people knew when to laugh). I can have my life back now and maybe see some sunlight...The WET danceparty went off! The De Ville nightclub was a great venue and it was so packed! The Tigerlily Martini is just faabulous ('how eastern suburbs daahling')!

To celebrate the birth of our second BCK film, I did some serious retail therapy shopping with E_lainey (thanks for letting me sleep in Mr. Bedroom!) I bought my much lusted after chocolate faux mink bedthrow! Yummmm!

May 07, 2003

I'm started to get excited about planning holidays. Shakira has been asking if I want to go to Hawaii on some special cheap deal with QANTAS, and I've been wanting to go ever since I saw Blue Crush and Lilo and Stitch (and when we had that Luau party at Blee's). So now it's a toss up between Hawaii in June, or Fiji & NZ in August/September. I want to go snowboarding in NZ and canoeing around the islands in Fiji. And all the touristy things in Hawaii, including perving on all the hot surfers dudes - Aloha!

Shar's having her knee reconstruction today - I hope she has a speeeedy recovery!

May 05, 2003

It's almost over...

Six days to go until the presentation night for dragonboat! There's still so much work to be done on the "O'chien's Eleven" movie!
Went to Safari Indonesian Seafood Restaurant in Newtown on the weekend, I think my chilli tolerance levels are still increasing. It was a catch up session with the planning mongs and an interrogation for J.Low, who is visiting from Fiji - we all invited ourselves to her wedding! I'm going to Fiji in September!