January 30, 2004

The reason my archive links dont work is because i changed the blog name this year, so if you ever feel the urge to read thru my OLD stuff (ha) here is a link to part of it archive link


OMG! I was looking for some website to demonstrate how people from northern china are taller etc, but instead found this

North Korea is one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the world, like South Korea, with no racial or linguistic minorities other than a small resident foreign (mainly Chinese) population. The dominant stock is of the Tungusic branch of the Mongol races. Koreans are essentially Mongoloid, but taller on average than Mongols, with lighter skin.
Am i paranoid? No. I know I'm big, but why do people have to state the obvious?

1. Jpeg's bball teammate: "DAMN your gf is BIG. Not like BIG BIG, but like BIG. I bet she's strong too..." (eww)
2. Mandy's workmate: "she is the tallest, biggest, asian I have ever seen" (said with appropriate german accent)
3. Model scout: "You're the tallest, hottest, most stunning asian I've ever seen. Can our agency sign you up?"

okay, so i made that last one up.

Honestly, do people go around to small/midget/dwarf/little (sorry for un-PCness) people going "DAMN you're short!". like duh...i never noticed i'm big. These people obviously have never seen Northern Chinese Giants.

Happy Birthday Clintos!!

January 29, 2004

Am obsessed with gift ideas at the moment.

Want to make a care package to send to cazz (hello ex-total girl!) but cannot decide what is 'unique' and quicky - other than tackarama gold plated koala poo earrings (tres chic!) haha. Am resisting the urge to send her vegemite. I think it will be a themed package of australiana stuff.

Found the perfectly (bad) gift for jpeg. A truly vile combination of his two favourite things. Jim Beam + Pancakes = Jim Beam pancake syrup. Will give a review of it, if i ever get to try any...
Yum. A sign that Kogarah is starting to become yuppy-fied
Italian white bean salad. from kay geez cafe.
(for future reference if i ever get off my ass and make my own lunch to bring in)

white broad beans
spanish onion
roma tomatos
olive oil
red cap.

a funny email i got today...heheh

When you feel that nobody loves you
Nobody cares for you
And that everyone is ignoring you
You should ask yourself.......


(hell yes.)
Like hello there, happy readers. I have been chastised for my lack of daily updates (which is a load of bullocks considering some people only update their�s monthly � when did this become a blog competition!! Hehe) so here it is...

Where did this gut come from? - poking my fleshy paunch - I�ve always known that I have abit of a spare tire, but ever since the pressure has been on to lose some weight, it�s as if my body is in protest and saying �Noooooo!� and has been making me eat like I�m a bear preparing for hibernation. And it�s not like I�m not doing any exercise�Okay now that I�ve pointed that out, nobody is allowed to check out my fats the next time they see me :p

Similar to jellybee�s (aka alanbobalan) near death experience with a office ceiling tile, I too had a close call. I was cruising down princess highway yesterday arvo and I saw a bright flash in my rear view mirror and I thought it was a red light camera then suddenly a huge boom of thunder came from above. I swear I have never been to close to lightning! Normally I wouldn�t have been too worried, but after all those recent cases where people have been struck, nay ATTACKED by lightening (cricket pitches, police cars etc), it did freak me about abit � had to check that my tyres were still inflated and my internal organs hadn't fried. Phew�.

And then it hailed again at training. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes so we got back in our boat and paddled on in the sewage overflow pit that is Blackwattle Bay.

I really suck on my right side.

January 27, 2004

Happy Campers

Harlo everyone who reads my blog! Today i'm on counter duty at work, which means I get to sit in my own 'cone of silence', which means I have time to blog. *yay*

Last weekend was the australia day long weekend (Go Aussieees!). The Fiji Gang (mostly from fiji and somehow connected to J.Low and uni friends) and I went to Kangaroo valley (again) to paddle and camp overnight. The differences between this camping trip and my last one in Dec are summarised in point form below:

1. No 'Ah Chat' (Ney ho man ah!) to fish and show us his savy survival skills (just like rupert off survivor pearl islands. Instead we had Darran. He was our 'pocohontas' with a feather in his cap (literally) and was our scout, sent forth in his one man kayak to look for suitable camping sites and to make sure we didnt paddle over the edge of the dam. He kicked whole trees down as fire wood (not something I advocate, but he insisted the tree was 'dead' anyhow...) and managed to penerate his snoring through three tents.

2. Extreme weather conditions. We only went for two days and one night, but during that time, we experienced sunny humid heat, drizzling rain, HAIL, pelting rain and fog.

3. Instead of having 10 people crammed into a 7 man tent, we had 3 tall people in a 3 'short' man tent. with tree roots stragically placed under my back for good measure.

Gotta love it. Spent most of Australia Day in Penriff. ('penrith' for those of you who don't speak yobbo) Why? Because the IDS dragonboat training day was on at the regatta centre. We did time trial heats on one man Outrigger Canoe (OC1s) and raced each other. It was alot of fun, even when I tipped over three times and had to swim the canoe and myself back to shore. (Glad I had those lifesaving skills from highschool - you know where they make you swim in clothes and shoes and drag a person back to shore...haha) The most important lesson I learnt - paddle more!! My technique is shitty when I race.

ELAINERS!!! Where got? When are you coming back!! Wahh! I miss your stupid retardly retarded (un-PC) ways! So glad you found Mogo galore (i hope they had better colours and shapes than the pink gay-ass flower).

Last weekend marks the first three month milestone with jpeg. As mars put it "who would have thought, out of all of us, YOU dating a baller!" Indeed. And although (as Joe reminds me) I often whinge about his non-stylo ways, it's probably one of the things I like about him most- that he isnt really that vain or care too much about what other people think (esp. if it means I can style him up as my own pet project...hehe! *shhhhh!*)


January 21, 2004

Blurghhhhhh.... we lost our grand final womens game. In overtime by 4 points or some crap like that. Thanks to all our team's supporters who turned up to cheer us on in the nail biting finish.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Kong Hei Fat Choy!! Hope you all receive lots of lai see and if not, then at least eat lots of good food! Go the year of the green monkey! :)

January 19, 2004

horror of horrors!!!! Jelli just emailed me to gloat that my weight training gloves are in fact "fingerless"...arghhh.. Yes they are. BUT I do not intend to wear them in public where people (such as myself) would MOCK them. ha! they're staying in the gym. hehehe...

January 18, 2004

ALSO today I went to Nike factory outlet at Auburn and bought a pair of coolness women's weight training gloves. They're padded and have grip and are stylo! So I can truely become incredible hulk :p

Picked up my chrissy presents from hawaiian luau thoday - they were sitting at jpeg's house for a while. So MUST MUST thank Jellybeee, Shakira and G.I Joe for their awesome cards and thoughtful presents that make me feel oh so spesh and loved! *muah muah* to all of you.
Furgot to blog that we have NEW uniforms! yay! Chad did most of the organising, but we chose the final designs and the makers, and I'm quite happy with them, but must suck in my stomach in order to appear 'slimmer'.

Kim wants t-shirts for our women's db team that says "chicks with sticks....NOICE" hehehe...
owwww....I is sore!! This weekend I went up to newcastle for races. We almost had a clean sweep, first in womens mixed and 3rd in mens, and overall winners. It's funny how people keep thinking we're a uni crew and that our team is still 'improving'. farkers. We've consistently shown everyone that we are contenders and come in the top 3 every year! So hopefully this will be OUR year (pending the defeat of The Sloths who are so NOT sloths. damn them and their stupid name!)

Anyhow was a very successful and satisfying meet.

Chinese New Year is this Thursday, haven't had time to get a haircut or new clothes! wahhhh....

January 16, 2004

Have to blog. Guess what i'm doing next weekend? CAMPING! I know. It's truely unheard of. Twice in one year/decade.
My only hope is doesnt rain. otherwise will be SO unimpressed with using 'natural' facilities in the rain.

Am thinking about how the hell i'm going ot survive training for state dragonboat. i'm not really known for my long term dedication (ha! ask clinto for a character reference and he'll just say "she's a farker!!") - and my willpower is questionable at the best of times. Now i've been told it is not humanly possible to work and have normal relationships AND seriously train for dragonboat. The idea is that once you commit to the team it's a lifestyle, which ultimately means I will have no other life other than dragonboat....will my film/craft/interior design ambitions be tossed aside and buried forever?! Moving way out of my comfort zone.
Yay! Tropfest Entry is finished and submitted!Surprisingly we finished it on the day of the deadline (unlike last year when we mistakenly thought it was due on the friday!) And now I can get back to some sort of normality in my life (me? normal?).

Didnt go to the last session of bootcamp this morning, it was just too much to face after only a few hours sleep. We're going up to newcastle for DB races this weekend. We've got our new uniforms, which are sitting in my car, but i've yet to inspect them! *ooh ahhh* Will probably freeze my nipples off at the races, as it is pouring down here at the moment and forecast for rain and lighting all weekend - dont think our singlets are THAT 'quick dry'.

Inspired by a recent visit to Sylvioso's neat and organised life (bedroom), I've decided to clean my wardrobe/room up. And so I spent 3 hours in my bedroom last night pulling out clothes and shoes and crappy bits of i dont knowwhat! But it is done. It is clean and it is hella organised (for now). I put all my respectable clothes on hangers and chucked out all my unrespectable items. If i were to calculate how much money I've spent on clothes I'm about to throw out, it would make me cry. If only I could get 'tax deductions' for my generous charity donations *sigh* My mouldy doc martin boots are about to get the flick. I haven't worn them in 8 years. I bet they are still comfy after all these years, but I just can't make myself wear them out - they're so not me anymore!!

The only problem is decided who to donate these clothes to. There are bags and shoes and clothes sitting on my bedroom floor (in 'neat' piles). Looking like a fashion battlefield.... Which brings me to my next point, where the hell am i going to store my shoes! I've been storing them in my folder cupboards under the bookshelf, but there's just not enough room. If only I have an entire walk in wardrobe like Shar, then I could install an entire shoe rack and have it all lined up. It makes me sad when I see Shar's walk in and all it's lost potential!

January 13, 2004


Been feeling abit guilty as Clintos has been doing all the editing for tropfest entry. I. Just. Don't. Have. The. Energy. Especially since we start editing say 10pm and I have to get up at 5am or have been up since 5am.. urrrr.

Mr. Orange sheets are no longer. They have been thrown into the wash and bleached out! Darlink Elainers - time to buy a new sheet set. hehehe. Strange that we never even met, Mr. Orangey!

What Natural Disaster are you? Take the quiz!

I'm a tornado... that is 'distructive' as opposed to 'destructive'

January 07, 2004

Day two of Boot camp.

Last night's water session was great. You can really feel the boat moving together, and it's so strong. My right side is becoming less un-co. And I promise to do weights tomorrow! Have been given permission to eat more carbs! WOOHOO! I hoed into my fave creamy mash last night...and a whole t-bone steak to give my muscles energy to recover. There are alot of hardcore people training, and then some not so hard core ones. But everyone seems pretty motivated, especially the national team from last year who insist on wearing their old uniforms to rub it in our faces haha. In one session I was sitting behind this guy who paddles for CYL, so I was stuck staring at the ugly CYL logo - after all these years trying to get away from it!! Honestly think I should have redesigned the logo when I was given the chance.

Learnt new paddling term last night. " an inch on the catch" supposedly you must reach forward an inch more on entry 'the catch' is when you finish the return and are about to enter the paddle in the water, I think!

Housekeeping is so high maintenance. I need to wash clothes but dont have the energy.....

January 05, 2004

Special request blog about my friend Jelli (aka CAM1)

A man of many complexities. The greatest complexity being - how can someone so young afford to live off his savings for so long without having a real job. I've come up with a few theories (a) he lived off a student's diet which consisted of cheap thai take aways and the occassional peanut m&ms to save his money (b) he is smart and has some income generating scheme (possibly a porn website, or a geek website) up his sleeve. (c) he is slowly selling off his 'extra' organs (d) he is selling is body for money.

I dont know which one is the correct one, but I prefer option (d).
The chore of chores. So my parents have been away for a total of 5 days and already I�m wishing they would be back so I don�t have to clean the house, wash the clothes and feed the dog and the fish, water the garden, and keep the ants away from the kitchen. The worst possible chore is picking up Coco�s shit. I forgot how bad dogshit smells. Ewwwwww!!!!!! The one thing I haven�t been doing is cooking. Somehow I�ve managed to scam my way through 5 days without making myself a single dinner! I think I will try making a frittata or something yummo like that! Hmmm am wondering how I would survive living on my own.
Can�t believe the holidays are over and I�m back at work. *sob* I can hardly believe it myself. I know summer is only in the first half, but now that I have to work, it�s just not the same anymore. Though I plan to go swimming at the beach after work when the water gets warmer � say higher than the current 18 degrees! Forecasted for warmer water in Feb though, so that�s a lot of wasted beach days!
Today�s resolution is to take the dog for a run and do my weights session for bootcamp. And cook myself a healthy dinner.


Blog later when I stop hurting so much.

January 04, 2004

Okay as promised here is more detail of events that have passed that I didn�t blog much about.

Tropfest film
Ful sik Urban-ness. Yes, it�s in the can, baby. Well not really since we don�t use 35mm film�but anyhow, our one and only day of shooting was on Saturday at Wayne�s house. Despite my efforts to be none shitty and stay alert, it kind of went downhill once we entered �the sleeping zone� aka �the movie room� in Wayne�s house. I think the combination of lunch, sweltering suffocating stale heat, and 12 people in one room made it hard for me to remain focussed. Luckily Clintos is always there to pick up my shit, so we managed to finish it all. Hope the bra-magic works!!

Props to all the people who turned up and helped out

Shazza - for consummate acting even when she was sick and researching and scripting the film (when I didn�t feel like it) and having bras that fit the models (because obviously they don�t make models in D cups :p). Waynefur- for awesome make out bed action (who says we don�t look out for you Preston!) and for use of his facilities (and thanks to his parents too!). Clara/Xia � for her convincing make out action and cleavage. Sylvia � for timecoding and keeping it in order (we are so Pro now!). Jason Wong for his special guest appearance. Scuba Steve for his sound guy antics and creative thumbs ups! The Chad for his usual Chad appearance and for breaking our 2nd source of lighting. Shar � for slating and clapping from both sides (how skilled!). Alan � for braving the bum-part and playing the fool. Marissa for her �developing� wardrobe and hair styling skills. Kit and Joe for general support, direction and occasional stand in sound guy. Tif � fan boy (literally and physically). Esther and Clinton�s cousin who�s name I can�t remember! � for loan of models (all about the connections, baby). And Monty for his bug eyed acting ability. And last but not least, Clintos for his endurance, stamina and passion � which I hope will continue during the editing phase.

Stay tuned for how it all goes�.

January 01, 2004

Due to popular demand and URL errors I have gotten rid of my underscore and am now creamymash.blogspot.com

btw HAPPY NEW YEAR I hope 2004 is a BIG BIG year!
Just reflecting on the year past and all the good things that have happened this year.

1. Becoming better friends with alot of people whom I never thought I had time for...
2. Marriages galore!
3. New work team has made my career and life alot more stable
4. A CAR!!!! Go you good thing. I promise that this year I will take more care of you Hoochie. I have only washed her 3 times since Feb.. muahahhaa...
5. Camping (this is only because it is the most current event that was totally happening lah)- no longer a lady of leisure, I have been inducted into krusty chick-ness. dirt in my toenails and digging and shitting in holes.
6. Hooking up with Jpeg :))
7. Joining a Gym and actually going and working out
8. Seeing my little brother finish primary school...it's freaking me out how fast he is growing up!! He'll be a pube in now time!
9. making and winning our very first BCK films original short film!!!!!!
10. All my crafty adventures, although am beginning to think I wont complete them for a long time!

Much love to all my crew and fellow blog readers! Hope you all have an awesome 2004 with lots of good times and significant moments.