November 22, 2006


blergh. Got conjunctivitis - I knew my eyes were itchy for a reason.
This means no contacts lenses for 1 week = no water sports for 1 week. Guess i should hit the gym in steamy foggy glasses!

November 19, 2006

Cupcakes and stuff...

Recently Thien celebrated her 30th bday on Shark Island (a little island in the middle of Sydney Harbour). The picnic was great fun - especially the part where I slept through most of the arvo in the sun. Oh wells, at least I remembered to take some photos when I woke up!

Shoes update: it was meant to be - I went shopping for new work shoes at Birkenhead Point yesterday and I found the same style shoes as my broken pink ones only with in a deeper shade of PINK. yay! And they were 30% off as well!

November 17, 2006

friday yay!

Happy Friday kids!
Random posts briefly -

Went indoor rockclimbing on during with week with Derek (aka 'Mini Lau')and the girls. I think I was even more awkward than him at 14! It was fun - they have a foosball table in the centre so if you're resting between climbs you can break out and have a few games. Some of the people there are abit too hardcore though - they look like they stepped out of a kathmandu catelogue! I guess that's what we look like when we step out of our canoes and dragonboats in our hardcore lycra outfits...NOT.

Shoes - time to go shopping for some new work shoes, two pairs of my favourite work shoes decided to cark it. One pink, One black! Farewell favourite shoes! Both were 3 years old!

New Deli open at work - new deli boasting 'Europian delights' opened up next door to work yesterday, today we ran down to get some sandwiches and handle every bit of produce that was in there. They even have Churros! HURRAH! Except I am banned from baked goods and chocolates until next week - self imposed due to expanding waist line!

Shout outs and good luck to the PD Wahines going to Cook Islands this weekend. Wish I was there paddling with you! Voodoo 'build that big foundation'! Means Girls are with you all the way even when you hit struggle town!

November 08, 2006

Hump Day

My humps my humps my humps...sorry got distracted. After all it is hump day! Here's some frivilious hump day fun.

Normally I’m not a fan of animals subjected to the humiliation of dressing up. Okay. I lied. Sometimes it's very funny to see animals dressed up but only as other animals. When they're dressed up like humans it's all abit freaky. Anyhow the other week Target were having a sale and I bought Coco this bumblebee outfit. It’s actually a warm fleecy top that she wears to bed. So it's practical and hilarious…it has these tiny wings on the back which are so tiny and out of proportion - but those stupid antennas kill me everytime haha!

November 06, 2006

sit back and relax...NOT (Part 2)

And den...on Sunday (yes that last post was all saturday!) it was all about the food!

Syl, Natty and I did a dessert cooking course!

We managed to avoid any sinking souffle moments (a la Sabrina - Audrey Hepburn version of course) and here are the pics for proof. I know it doesn't look very high. We didnt have enough time to bake it, but I promise to practise till I get it very high! We learnt a few prep skills and knife skills and little tricks (like how to whisk without wobbling my butt - i actually like the fact that I am burning calories while I cook...ha). It was a fun way to spend a rainy Sunday and it was delicious!

Vanilla Souffle with caramel sauce

Our chocolate tarts with Chef Zigi

Our apple baskets with raspberry frappe, citrus and chocolate semifreddo and puff pastry biscuit with cinnamon spiced syrup

and den we ate all the desserts we made!!!

...and den earlier that week...

Backstrap, mash, dutch carrots = delish!

...and no more and den for now.

sit back and relax...not (Part 1)

I wish every weekend could be like last weekend - relaxing, but most weekends are all about the go! go! go! Kinda like that toyota hilux ad where the guy tries to cram everything into '48 hours to live' in a weekend. I totally get that. I would like an extra 24 hours every weekend...

New Wheels Baby!
No more 'driving miss daisy' (aka my gold camry-ex-librarian company car), and welcome to my new car a subaru impreza hatch. The top one is the same colour (URBAN GREY hehe) and model as mine. The bottom one is Mel's mazda 3 with Wiki Wiki on the roof (yes i know 'wiks' is Very Long). They are not the same car, and we are not the same person. yet. And I am not having a SWF moment. har.

New Wheels? Bah!
Jpeg and I went to the Sydney Motor Show on saturday. It was abit disappointing. I was hoping for lots of concept cars and hot chicks in skimpy clothing. There was hardly any concept cars and even fewer hot chicks. It felt like an upmarket Auto Alley with dressed up car salesmen, NORMAL cars, and big flower arrangements. WTF? Clearly I have to go to Autosalon for something abit more entertaining.. eh. We took some 'fun' photos but not really that exciting.

A new Honda in sexy red lines (ooh la la!)

A fancy sports Proton (is there reallly such a thing?)

Pink scooter action!

Tiffy and the wheels that he wants for his new car.

Moving on
Voodoo moved out of Rodd Point and into a grand new room in Drummoyne. Rodd Point was one of our regular weekend hangouts -especially since we parked Wiki Wiki there, but all good things must come to an end, so farewell Rodd Point! We partied, ate, slept, baked, painted and laughed so much in that place but now it's time for new beginnings...Drummoyne House is looking swish and that new kitchen is going to be AWESOME!

Loading up the canoes on Rockstar's car

November 03, 2006


The kilos are creeping back on after the trip (no more 8 hour walking days, just 8 hour- sitting-in-front-of-computer days), but the new shirts still fit for now and the jeans just barely. This can only mean one thing –I haven’t actually been training much har!

Wednesday marked the start of a new month and my return to ‘massive un-sexy back’ weights training. I’ve been undecided for the last few months over whether to go for the Sydney World Dragonboat Championships in 07 or whether I should try to lead a normal life that does not require me to watch my body fat percentage, train 10 times a week, endure waking up every day with a new ache in my body, have no real social life for 9 months and sadly, grow a she-hulk back that cannot be contained in nice shirts or my new Zara coat that I just bought in Japan! However....after 2 years I’ve decided maybe I am ready for all this again. BRING ON THE PAIN…for now. It will all depend on my trials to get into the NSW team in December. Watch this space.

November 02, 2006

Ladies of Leisure...

Last weekend Mean Girls decided to celebrate Red Ginger's birthday (err two months ago) and lived it up at the Iluka Day Spa at Park Hyatt. Unfortunately Jay-z and Beyonce weren't staying at the hotel - otherwise I could have learnt some booty shaking moves poolside on the rooftop. Instead we got massages, read trashy mags and lazed about. The rest of the day was spent getting up to mischief including two hours of power karaoke! 'Lets Get Loud' will never sound the same again...

Herbal tea pots; poolside gossip

Hello Kitty lollypops

Kittykat reads our stars!

Wedding Action

Some photos from Mylee and Tom's wedding last month...

Mylee & Tom exchanging vows in the Chinese Gardens ; Clinton Chow Bin filming action

BCK films reunion (NOT) ; Shar, Mars, Wayne & Moi

Tiffy and Shar blowing bubbles; Wayne kicks Tiffys butt