September 29, 2003

WE WON!!!! Go you good thing! So our entry 'enter the dragonboat' (aka The CHAD) won 'enter the dragon' film festival on the weekend. I is soooo happy! okay not as happy and enthusiastic as Clinto, but still relieved nonetheless that our work isn't as crapola as i thought. You know when you're too close to your work to reflect on how good/bad it is. I had this vibe that our films are too 'in' with too many in jokes and laughs based on the premise that we know the real people in the films we make and the characters we cast. BUT now - there you go. As clinto has expressed - maybe it's time to take it more seriously! wooooo! Much love to Clinto for his persistence and motivation "come on f*cker!" hehehe! Shoutouts to our friends and family who came along to watch us win!

It's nice how people I never thought I had time for, start to grow on you and become good friends indeed.

Long weekend coming up - hopefully get away to Bateman's Bay and boost up my tan! Which is a perfect colour for my new dress that i bought for Fiona and Eric's wedding. (what a segue way) And for those of you who know how much i paid - 'SHUDDDUP!'. hehe!

Elainers - I read your little love-fest blog with 'lecture-hall' boy. I'm glad you have an outlet for all that love/friendship angst, coz I'd be spewing if I had to listen to it coming out of your mouth! hehehehe....okay okay - you know i'm always there for you.

I guess I'm kind of seeing 'jpeg'. Unlike Cazz, i'm in no rush to make things 'official' and crap like that, but i'm just enjoying the ride for the moment. None of this CAM shittiness's funny how life springs happy surprises on you. (If i was elaine-wainie I would probably write some soppy - oops i meant ' deep and meaningful' poem to express my feelings. but i can't. maybe i'll do a photo-montage...)

Blog out. (my little homage to gregarious)

September 18, 2003

Woo..long time between entries..AGAIN. When did this become a chore? I guess when i don't even have time to clean my room (always!). So anyhow here's a quick update.

The week before Fiji trip was high impact! A Stupid DRUNK old bastardo rammed my car up the rear at a red light and is now putting in an insurance claim to say I reversed into him! *Deeeeeeel* Anyhow the only good that has come from the whole incident is that I have found a suitable name for my car. 'Hoochie Mama' or "hoochie" for short, coz her ass is so big and sturdy! YOu go Hoochie!

The deadline for the ETD short film comp was the day after I left for Fiji so Clinto sorted the editing along with Sylvia. We made it into the finalists list, so our film is being screened infront of 300 people! yeeehaw! If any of you wanna come check it out it's on sat 27th Sept @ Hurstville MacMahon St 6pm onwards. I'm hoping we win some token asian prize har har!

So almost 2 weeks back to the reality of normal life, no more waking up to the ocean view, no more lying by the pool worrying about what time i should turn onto my back, no more happy Low family extravaganza meals! *sob sob*. I guess the good thing is no more living with Mr. Crabman! (horror of horrors of sharing an apartment with boys! I have decided I am the most laziest out of all the housemates on our holiday. I didnt clean up, I didn't wash up, I didn't dry up, I didn't do anything hehe! But then it's not like we ever ate in our apartment!) and thankfully no more 'four kings' drinking games...

Jay's wedding was beautiful, very very noice! Got my long awaited tan - and of course, none of that dirty malaysian brown.. kekeke! My last minute bikini expedition was successful and am very relieved that i chose the brown and pink over the white bikini. Had to 'fone-a-friend' whilst in the changeroom. it's the only time i wish i have a digicam mobile phone!!!

And den? And den no more 'and den'. Except that all my gym work is starting to pay off. I think fat is converting into muscle or just less fat. Yay! Kim wants me to start training triatheleon with her ...umm..i dont own a bike? I think it'll be a challenge but who knows!

Am back on my furnishings fix again. Bought a whole lot of awesome prints from Fiji to make cushions and stuff out of..Just have to figure out how to use the sewing machine..ahhh...

SHout out's to - Ms. Elainers (who is ready to hand her 'single-dom' badge in!) and Not-so-ittle Sodie, and to clinto for putting up with 'shittybeck' just before I left for holidays -"i'm baaaaack". and to my mum (although she doesn't know this blog exists, but i send my cosmic shout out to you anyhow)

Much Love and More Sun...