May 30, 2006


Been feeling abit off lately, abit blergh and grumpy, but as Kittykat's daily horrorscopes say - Venus is back in my house so bring on the love...

Last weekend I competed in my first ever OC1 race. It was a leisurely 10km paddle up and down Lane Cove River and I'm glad I did it, the weather was stunning, and weaving up and down the river was much more fun than attempting to run around the bay. Yes would rather paddle 10km than run for 1km!

Many busy weekends coming up before Hamilton Island Cup Race at end of June.

This weekend's check list looks like this
1. Paddle to Long Reef and try not to re-enact last year's scenario (almost flipping and crashing on reef)
2. Build a 3 tiered tim tam Colosseum
2. Design a roman/toga costume
3. Go to THE party
4. Get very drunk
5. Fight gladiators off for a big piece of crackling off the suckling pig
6. Turn the Tim Tam Colosseum into ruins
6. Go to Ikea and help Ben and Syl build billy bookcases.

Bring on the weekend...

and Tomorrow - I'm booking our flights to Europe! WooHoo!

May 23, 2006

Pink Mixer

new mixer, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

This is it! My brand new mixer from my good friends for my birthday! Yay! I'm so excited! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I'm so spoilt!

Cream Puffs!

These are the first babies I made using my new mixer. They are cream puffs inspired by the delicious Japanese Beard Papa Cream Puffs . Mine were more cream than puff, but still delicious with vanilla cream and blackberry jam!

I don't know how Beard Papa manages to use both pie crust and choux pastry but his puffs are extra puffy and crispy..YUM!

May 22, 2006

More party photos

I had a great weekend - tequila and tacos on friday night, saturday morning paddle and breaky in Balmoral then drinks with a whole bunch of friends in Rozelle.

My mean girls and Syl helped organise the best present ever!! The breville stand mixer in PINK that i have been eyeing off since xmas and a whole bunch of pink baking accessories.... Let the bake off begin!! More pics in my gallery - just click on the picture for the link to see lots of photos where I am very drunk and everyone around me is not so drunk but amused at how drunk I am. ha!

Sunday - TB Boy and I helped Syl and Ben move using my dad's hilux. We had this evil thought of how funny it would be seeing their queen size mattress fly off the Gladesville Bridge!

TB boy is in love with the truck - he wanted to pick up his cousins to sit in the back and drive to a house party...i reminded him that he was on longer in Fiji :p

May 21, 2006

it's my party and i'll sleep if i want to...

sleeping, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Last night I had birthday drinks at the 3 Weeds Hotel in Rozelle. A whole lot of love, alcohol, presents, laughter and pink whisking was shared by all. It was too much to bear - i had to have a little lie down during the party. Thanks so much to everyone for coming along and celebrating my birthday. It felt like a big milestone birthday - even though it was only for my 28th - which i think it a grand year. Not yet thirty - still enjoying life wtih no responsibilities haha. Big thank you to my mean girls and syl for organising, surprising me and not surprising me with awesome presents and cakes. There will be a full update wtih pictures later....but right now I want to have another little nap. Love Youse All! xxx

May 17, 2006

The Rugby

waratahs vs hurricanes, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

Last saturday was the first time i've seen a super 14 rugby match. It was waratahs vs hurricanes and it was a really interesting game. Waratahs just couldnt find a win in the end - it was really close right up to the final siren...bloody Wendell Sailor blah blah. Anyhow i found it much more exciting than league and might actually consider following it..only coz the guys are better looking than the league players hahah and the crowds are generally better looking too - except for the row of 10 year olds who were sitting behind me and red ginger -they were banging the backs of our chairs and yellin out obscenities. I seriously wanted to spank them all. and not in a good way!


baklava, originally uploaded by creamy_mash.

My first attempt at baklava a few weeks ago. Can't believe how easy it was - layer upon layer of filo pastry and butter and nuts and orange blossom water syrup. So tasty. So much fat....

May 16, 2006


Yeah. I’ve been busy. And there are photos, I just haven’t got round to them yet.

Been busy with the mean girls makeover for Voodoo’s bedroom. It’s almost complete! We transformed her room from backpacker hostel to island girl chic (which at one stage included an unintentional blue lagoon effect on the wall haha) so now it matches the rest of the funky beach house.

Getting fat. Oh yes. I have been slack. Training has been half off since TB boy got TB. And I was pissed at them for canceling my lunchtime classes! BASTARDS at Globo Gym! So I didn’t go to the gym at all for 2 whole months, and now I’m paying for it. Literally and physically, since it costs so much darn money when you’re not actually using the gym! Anyhow, this morning was my first session back and as punishment for not going to the gym - they had moved the weights around to try and confuse me! Ha! They tried to sabotage my session with dodgy equipment falling apart, and providing a crap training environment - bad music and broken TV screens -and the showers were dirtier than I remembered. But I won’t let them break me! I’ve got one month to go until Hamilton Island Cup, and really need to get fit and ready to haul my ass into a canoe in tough conditions! The only plus side from this morning (other than burning 200 calories) – they now have milk and apricot nivea body wash in the shower soap dispensers and I got to see Casey Donovan from Australian Idol working out with her personal trainer (dunno if that was a plus actually).

Dreaming about knitting baking nesting again. I think it’s the cold weather and I just got my bookclub books – some knitting book with some cool projects. My aim this winter is to learn how to increase decrease and knit a beanie! Also got the latest Jill Dupleix cook book and made her awesome lemon friands for mother’s day. Even TB boy said they’re better than the friands at McCafe...which according to him, are so rubbery that you can bounce them on the floors.

PS. Belated Happy Birthday to Sze, Kwongie and Delan, and upcoming bday shout to my boy Joe, who I feel like i haven't seen in a year!

May 03, 2006

Banff Film Fest

Last night I went to the Banff Film Festival at The Metro I think it was the ‘world tour’ short list of short films on different adventure sports based in the mountains – mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, snow boarding etc…which sounds fun, except they were all ‘totally extreme man!’ (insert gnarly Californian accent).

So instead of just going heli-skiing, the ‘extreme’ version is to get dumped by a chopper and ski down a pristine slope which happens to be a sliver of snow on the edge of a vertical drop cliff, and launch themselves into a B.A.S.E jump off the side off the cliff. I was in awe, but I was not inspired. I get enough of an adrenalin rush from a 2metre swell. haha.

The most extreme activity I will be doing this weekend is renovating Voodoo’s room. I wonder how many ways I can make painting a ceiling ‘Extreme!’…