December 23, 2003

dont know if i blogged this or not (joe can tell me since he is a regulahh reader) going on my first camping trip in years. And it's my first official 'no toilets and no showers' camping trip. Now, despite what you may hear, I am not a dirty girl (unlike X-tina), so I dont mind abit of dirt, as long as I can get clean at some stage. Of course this is slightly 'lady of leisure' camping since I dont have to hike anywhere. but i have never ever been anywhere where I have had to bring my own water and dig my own hole to shit in. Definately moving out of that comfort zone. Which is what my forgotten new years resolution is do things out of my comfort zone. (and for all you smutty people out there thinking "does she mean having sex upside down and kinky stuff?" the answer is no...comment hahaha.) So camping it is! And then boot camp. Maybe i'll make it every month I have to promise to do something out of my comfort zone.

This guy has a little blog that lists all the 101 things he wants to do within 1001 days. Which is a pretty cool idea. So along with a list of new years resolutions, I think NYE 2003 will be spent writing a list of 101 things whilst enjoying the company of good friends, nice views and good food.

Merry Holiday Season to Everyone!!
Hope you all have an excellent holiday season and lots of eating and partying.

For boxing day a few of us are having a Hawaiian Luau! Aloha! Will post photos of the event later.

Shout outs to all my friends OS. Especially- Elainers darrrrling! When are you going to email me! And happy camper enjoying a white christmas - Cazz (isn't it fun to be the 3rd wheel...)

Simple Joys of Summer #1....swimming at dusk
Last night B and I went for a swim Clovelly at around 7pm. It was so nice, and the sky was a beautiful shade of pinks and blues. The water wasnt the cleanest, but the waves made up for it. There are plenty of people training for swim leg of their triathelon, it was abit daunting having these hardcore swimmers rushing by you, like when a huge semi sweeps up in the lane next you. They need to have their own designated "hard core swimmer" lane in the ocean.


As the sweltering sydney summers descend upon us, my bedroom has yet again become an insect sanctuary. I dont live near the bush, I dont live in a wooden shack, I dont think my room is particularly unhygenic (though my mum begs to differ) so the only reason I have for the invasion is that my room is the hottest with the most windows and little gaps.

A few xmas' ago the gutter near my window become a birds nest. Seemingly harmless, until the bird lice plague descended down my walls and into my bed (while I was IN my bed). Last year it was cockroaches, big fat ugly noisy ones that scuttled up and down my venetian blinds. The other night I walked into my room and was greeted by the sight of a whole colony of spiderlings. Joy of Joys. I dont mind the odd spider, since they eat pesky roaches and fly and mozzies and probably bird lice too, but when there's party of spiders suspended from my ceiling above my bed, it's really scary! Half a can of mortein later, the problem is sorted, but i'm still worried they're breeding in my wardrobe in all my clothes! I think I'll have to bring in some spider eating birds, but then there will be bird lice again....I think I'll go and live in a bubble.

December 17, 2003

Usually our daily coffee breaks are filled with meaningless chit chat and good coffee. Today we actually talked about real social issues �gasp - . The headline of the Daily Telegraph (such a respectable paper! NOT!) about Saddam's wife supposedly betrayed him sparked it off. That�s what you get for having 4 wives. Ha! We quickly moved on to greedy women and the injustice of the social security system in Australia, which I know is great in comparison to say�Iraq, but the reality is that women are popping out 3 children and sitting on their arse and getting their hair streaked and nails done on OUR tax money. There�s a methadone clinic in Kogarah and often you see the mum and dirty little kids running around the streets of Kogarah and you really want to just rescue them. And it�s all fine and well to say that looking after 3 kids is a tough job, but these women are intentionally getting preggers so that they don�t have to work, so they can get government money. What kind of environment are they bringing these children up in? What kind of society are we breeding? And it�s not just the poorer areas, wealthy families are raising bitchy kids who have everything and expect everything without having to earn it. I can�t imagine being a parent. I can�t even discipline myself, so how could I be expected to discipline my own child�

On another less depressing note (though more sadistic)� I�m thinking about doing the DB boot camp! Eeeeeek!!
The program is
The weekly regime:
Monday mornings: 5:45am-7:15am Dragonboat
Monday nights: Weights training program (on own or with training partner)
Tuesday nights: 6:45pm-8:30pm Dragonboat
Wednesday mornings: Weights training program (on own or with training
Wednesday nights: 6:45pm-8:15pm Cross training
Friday mornings: 5:45am-7:15am Dragonboat
Friday nights: Weights training program (on own or with training partner)
Satrurday afternoons: 3:45pm-5:30pm Dragonboat
Sunday: Clean barracks, and R & R (rest)

I think they are joking about the clean barracks bit, but the rest is serious. Talk about getting my ass whipped.

December 15, 2003

oh and all the fucking film projects that I havent started........*sigh*
Revised list of Goals to achieve by end of this year.

XXX(a) done all my outstanding tax returns (don't ask) XXX- DONE! got enough on my return to pay off (b)

XX(b) paid off my credit card debt XX woohoo

(c) created a reasonable budget that I can stick with - still working on it

(d) made all my bags and gotten over my current sewing fetish ( i don't know if my new budget can support my craft habits!) - not yet

(e) cleaned out my wardrobe of excess clothes - not yet
(f) hung the family photos up - not yet.
Summer's finally here!

How do i know? Because I got really sunburnt on the weekend! Yars, not a great way to start the summer. It was a truely great summer day on saturday - clear tingly cold water and hot hot sun and a nice breeze from the sea.

Mr and Mrs Eric Leo came back from their honeymoon last week. Went over to see all their goodies and photos and coupledom items. And the extravagant automated coffee machine..mmm coffee anyone?

December 08, 2003


tiredness! Not exactly a strenous weekend - although I think the 500m DB races on sunday took it out of me. Caught up with the fabulous Daniela on friday night at Cruise bar, which is fast becoming one of my fave places to drink (since the demise of the 'restaurant' at Bar Ace). Other than the lack of seating - it has an awesome view, 'pink elephants' and fun lighting.

We have a new addition to the Lau family - Coco. She's a tiny 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier, with light brown and white markings. WOOF! I hope she's well behaved. Otherwise will have to force her into submission by dressing her up in hideous 'people' dog outfits. muahhahaahaha!

December 03, 2003

Yay...procrastination period over! After 3 years I finally put in my tax returns. I don't know why i put it off for so long, probably worried I had to pay them money! But turns out I'm getting a fair amount back so I'm happy! Just have to wait for the money to come through! *phew*

So now i can tick off (a) from my list of things to do before 2004!!!!!!and with my tax refund I'm going to pay off my credit card and start saving for my holidays and a deposit for a house..haaaa....going to have to start cutting back on spending. I can feel big changes in 2004. Scary and exciting!

Hoochie mama is in the shop again! I hope I see her by the weekend! Some weird paint thingy happened to her front and rear bumpers.

Am getting really excited about this summer. I"m going ot finish playing ball for a while and start to concentrate on paddling. Hope to work hard enough to get into State Team and then start outrigging paddling for some fun.


okay back to non crafty stuff. Darling Elainers! YOu don't sound very happy :( Wish I could cheer you up. Maybe I'll come and take you away from orange sheets! He sounds abit stained. maybe we should take him to get dry cleaned. hehe. I've been missing you and yiou havent even left the country yet. *sigh*
Maybe next year...

Last night I tried to organise to have a dinner date with jpeg. He said to me and I quote "will it be this year or next year?". It's pretty sad when i have to book in a date to spend time with my bf for next year! I guess it's just a sign of me being really really busy. There are so many things I want to do, but just so little time! I'm on a project crafty spurt and if I don't keep up i'll lose interest.

Uncompleted projects
1. Sewing .
(a) Big Bags,
(b) little Bags.

2. Magnets.
marble magnets . Might delegate my brother to do them

3. Family photos.
(a) Photos for hanging.
(b) Replacing old albums. Following YGD's cue, I'm starting to put the old fading pics from the crappy family albums into nice new acid free long lasting archive type ones. Last night I put some of my baby photos into an album for my mum for xmas. I used a great scrapbook style album that is basically a card of paper that you stick all the pics on and then you slip it into a plastic sleeve. So much better than pulling pictures off the magnetic sticky things. They are so hard to pull off the old albums! Anyhow, I'm putting half of me and half of my brother's baby ones into one album. Will have to systematically put all the other family photos in albums at some stage. Could take me years....

4. Cleaning my room. I know it's lame to put it as a project, but it's just eating away at me. all that clutter must be bad for my feng shui!! So i'm going to make a BIG effort to fix it up this holidays (like every holidays!)

AND these are just my own projects they dont even include BCK film projects. ARGH.
I guess I hope to get the photos and bags done by xmas...

December 01, 2003


So I was playing around with my template colours again... going for a cleaner sorbet gelato colours look. Clearly I have failed. I think someone tricked me with their web colours. The numbers are wrong! The colours are wrong. It just looks wrong. But dont' worry, i'll fix them eventually! Jpeg would be pleased that there is no pink - ironic considering he wouldn't know how to view my blog (don't get all Alanis on me).

Well there you go.

Thank gawd we had 'Peter'. Video production weekend didnt turn out to be too bad afterall. Had fun shooting and acting and learnt alot about 'proper' video techniques! Talk about time-code baby! AND batch capture. These are the tips that will save me HOURS, if we get someone to record it for us! yay-ness.