November 27, 2003

Last night was our first meeting for our video production workshop. I was quite excited about it coz I thought I'd be learning heaps of stuff with my friends. Now it turns out I'm making a short film with two of my chickies AND 2 middle aged women who could be my mothers. Hot Flash Alert! I thought it was a YOUTH PROGRAM organised by the YOUTH co-ordinator. Why couldn't they spread the old people around?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know they might not be menopausal, and that they probably have new perspectives and experiences to share with me..BLAH BLAH BLAH. but it still sucks. Call me age-ist! :-p~ And to think i'm stuck spending my friday night with them, when I should be at my work Xmas Party. *sigh* AND my entire weekend! At least I have Shar and Syl - maybe they're intimidated by me and my little gang of asians..ha!

Meanwhile, fucker and his leading lady have the 'cool' group with all the experienced people - what happened to 'mix the experienced people around'. Feel like I'm drowning before I'd dived in to swim. *hissy fit* Okay going to shut up now and pretend like I'm over it. No bad kharma, or is it too late?

November 26, 2003

�Lend me some sugar - I am your neighbour�
- Outkast "Hey ya!"

Can't get that song out of my head, i think the video clip makes it for me. It's just!
Alright Alright Alright Alright!

Goals to achieve by end of this year.
(a) done all my outstanding tax returns (don't ask)
(b) paid off my credit card debt
(c) created a reasonable budget that I can stick with
(d) made all my bags and gotten over my current sewing fetish ( i don't know if my new budget can support my craft habits!)
(e) cleaned out my wardrobe of excess clothes
(f) hung the family photos up

November 24, 2003

Just have to blog this.

FENCES! There must be a sign somewhere that says "Miss Lau is on counter duty today - please ring for all fence enquiries". Why do I seem to fence questions? I have asked other people on who do duty and they never ever get fence's starting to freak me out (I'm already past the 'co-incidential' stage)...
Bloody Johnny Wilkinson!

You know in my last blog, I seriously thought that I would have my life back after the wedding - well i do, but can I exchange or refund it back? Had a VP (video production) meeting with F#1 and starting writing up timeline for msotv and other projects, and to be quite honest, I'm concerned that I won't have time to shit, let alone spend time with jpeg. ARGH! I thought my summer would be relaxing and all...

Eww! Stupid girl at GJ's forgot to toast the underside of my raison toast! Anyhow, went to Marsh and Grams for Curry Night last night! Talk about awesome, okay not as authentic as Tata's in Nadi, but still damn good! The roti/chapatis were oh so light and delish! And got a full lesson on cucumber raita. Go Keith! (he's just like jamie olivier - only fijian, gay and an air stewardess...oh the similarities. haha) The funniest dish was Abbie's 'salty sago'.

Spent 4 hours making Abbie's pink clutch yesterday! Was abit of a struggle towards the end - I think the finishing wasn't the best, but it's not bad for my first clutch! Will post pics up on site soon.

Darling elainers - good luck with your exams..the light is at the end of the tunnel!

Shout out to Joe-Joe my regular blogness reader - man you are so hard core when you're training. I can smell the testosterone rippling through your hairy back... hahaha!

Must blog again that I am totally loving Queer Eye, and now am totally scared and appalled that there's going to be an Aussie Version (it is so not going to work!) - AND am even more appalled that I am considering putting in an application for jpeg to be made-over by the show! *cackle* Does that make me a bad gf?! *evil grin*

Am also very very impressed that Head Swell (literally and figuratively) has been updating her blog - though there has been no mention of my being to date. *muahahha*

November 18, 2003

Yay! It's all over. Talk about an overwhelming sense of relief! Oh and joyful, and happy and all those nice wedding sentiments you find in Hallmark cards! haha Honestly, it was a beautiful wedding and the 12 page 'manifesto' was completed to full time schedule etc etc. And of course The Bride looked amazing and so did the groom! And boy did we all feel special to be helping out on the day. Of course we were too stressed to think about it, but in hindsight, I dont think I would have been satisifed to be just a passive participant at YDG & Eric's wedding. The MC'ing went great. I think I piked about abit and let Mars do most of the talking, which is kind of what i planned for all along! least I looked good! ;-p The only personal thought to come out of this whole wedding extravaganza thing, is that I probably wouldn't want to go through the organisation of a big wedding! Elope Elope! But alas, probably not - I would feel compelled to share my joy with Family and Friends....The shackles of filial duties...

So now i temporary have my life back. Have noticed my fats are multiplying ACK!!! All that good food and wedding banquets...*drool* but will definately have to start running my fat off again.

Made my second and third bags yesterday! Spent the day with Cazz doing relaxing crafty sewing. Finally getting to release my creative demons. I am still amazed that I can throw up material into a sewing machine and it comes out looking like something!!! I made a denim and pink bag with lucite handles for cazz (all in the details baby!) and revamped one of Cazz's previous attempts at a peacock bag. Photos to be posted soon!

Also saw Si in Breakfast Club stage version last night. It wasn't quite 80s enough for me, and didnt have a dancing scene which I was sooo looking forward too....but still overall a better production than the last one (which I had no idea what was going on...)

November 12, 2003


Woooooooo Excitment. I've done my reading and now feel ultra prepared for weddingness schedule. Perhaps this sleep deprivation is enhancing my mental clarity! Didnt get to bed til 3ish this morning because we've fucking finished the wedding video...yay HELLA GOOD! Corny? Yes! But who the hell cares, it's a wedding, so cliched corniness is the standard (at least that's what i kept telling clinton.)

And i made my first ever bag. Impressed? You should be, coz i sure am. My mother was mortified that I hadn't planned and prepared what the bag design was blah blah. She's not very spontaneous I realised - since my can-do friend Cazz just leaps right into her projects. I guess I want to be half spontaneous half planned (since I am a planner) I think she's ingrained the whole 'prepare first' motto into my conscience. Will post up pics of handbag on website soon.

Do I sound tired?!!! shitnit. blogness out.

November 10, 2003

Are you open!
*congrats on attachment of orange sheets*

Hello. I'm still amazed when i wake up in the morning and realise my head is still attached to my much to do and think about. Only 3 more sleeps til Wedding Expedition! Have been fully briefed with a 12 page 'summary' running sheets etc etc etc...

Hen's day night was great - I think YDG had a good time and I am absolutely loving high tea - three tiers are barely enough!!! I think I might take my mum there for her birthday.

Am still chomping at the bit to do some crafty stuff...but will have to resist til after the wedding before i embark on handbag/cushion making!!

Dreaming of the beach! Lovin this weather... Hating that I am stuck inside!

November 04, 2003

Orange Sheets?!
*evil cackle*

Today I am wearing my stylish headpiece with a big flower and feathers in a comb for Melbourne Cup Day. At work. Not on the race track with Paris and Nicky Hilton (rich SCRAGS!) . When I went to the TAB to place a bet, these boys "nayed' like horses at Rita and I, presumably this is the melbourne cup day equivalent of wolf whistling....

November 03, 2003

*gargle gargle*

Ever since I shared a bathroom with Abs - i've become totally addicted to Listerine. A whole new world of fresh breath and pain in the morning (from the explosion in my mouth just like the tvAd!)
Had to update blog so it is consistent with Darling Elainers! Who is getting Nigel Action!*action action action* (must echo for SFX sound)

The wedding was nice and entertaining, the after party which wasn't so fun - especially since I wasn't drunk! Speaking of weddings, all panic stations ON! Two weeks! And hen's night this weekend! Must organise prizes and stuff! Who will come with me to the sex shop? Don't all volunteer at once! Which reminds me, my manager told me the latest craze in germany is to have porno karaoke, where you watch the porno on the screen and have to make up the sounds of the 'actors' on the mic. I wonder if it will catch on here!

Must blog that I bought a FABULOUS gold glo-mesh handbag for wedding outfit. It's original oroton probably from the 1970s and is in great condition , all for bargain price of $15 from St. Vinnies.

Starting to feel the silly party season approaching and I feel totally unprepared! Where did the year go?!

blogness. out.
OH and darling Cazz is leaving to go work in UK/Europa! So happy for her! So sad for me that I wont be able to do crazy crafty thing with her when she's gone!