March 27, 2007

You know when summer is really over when...

the coconut oil has solidified and you have to wear thermals to paddling!

PS. Today something terrible happened near my work. Rita and I usually loiter around the newsagency (to check out the latest interior design mags) and then we go next door to Gloria Jeans for coffee at around 11am. This morning Rita had a meeting and we didn't make it for coffee. It wasn't until 12 noon that we heard about the accident that occurred at 11.10am right on the corner where the newsagency and the coffee shop are. Everyone was in shock at work and we hope everyone makes it through okay (a 20 y.o woman passed away this arvo). It makes me want to hug everyone I love and be grateful just to be alive!

March 25, 2007

Jpeg's 30th Bday!

Jpeg's 30th Bday was on friday. To celebrate he had a little party at Red Room at Hotel Chambers in the city. They play old skool RnB on saturday nights and it was packed. The crowd was the very best mix of skanky hos, ballers, JT wannabes and big islanders plus a dragonboat team or two thrown into the mix. We all had fun!

Photos of Citychase and BBQ

Part 1. The Race

Here's some pics of the CityChase adventure race we did two weekends ago on Maureen's Bday. We started and ended the day at Luna Park - the race took us to the PM's Place. The link to our picture with the PM in front of his place.

Then it was off to eat worms! The pic above left is the bucket of dirt filled with worms that we had to pick through. The challenge: complete a sudoku puzzle or eat two live worms each. We chose the latter because it would be alot faster more fun - how often do you get to eat live worms! And even though Mo is vego she doesn't draw the line at worms haha(especially if they are in tequila).

We caught the train to Bondi Junction for some texas hold 'em poker and a little scavenger hunt (lucky Mo has a tattoo there!) and on the bus to Centennial Park for a Biggest Loser style boot camp session (minus the biggest losers) and some Strip Cricket!

Then we were back in town at Circular Quay in the Minus 5 bar eating icecubes without eskimo jackets! Then over to the MCA to make a balloon dog to sell for charity, ran down George St tied up as a four legged group and that's me (above right) Pole Dancing in Jackson's on George (I never thought I'd pole dance looking so feral haha)

Then it was over to Observatory Hill for a quiz and we ran over the Harbour Bridge to get back to the finish line Yay!!!

It was a brilliant day except for the humidity - my face was beetroot red after the first 5 minutes and stayed that way until the very end! Maureen on the other hand looked fine (funny that!) We celebrated our finish with hot chips, beer and a massage on a vibrating machine back at Luna Park!

Here's the official link with a little video clip of the Channel9 news item. My friend Cheech even made it into the clip -"brain freeze!" hahah love it!

Part 2. The BBQ

We had a little bbq on sunday to celebrate Maureen's Bday and also as an excuse to get Chef Robbie to cook for all of us!

Digging into the chow! Magoo gives us 'Blue Steel'

Tart for a Tart! Chef Robbies show us his skewers

Big Dave. Prawn Skewers

March 19, 2007

Weekend Update

I'm sick at home. This is the third day I've taken a half sick day. I should've taken a whole day off on thursday and I reckon I would have been better by now. Instead i guilted myself into feeling 'okay' and went into work on thursday and friday but ended up leaving at lunchtime on both occasions. and then went and pushed myself to the limit on saturday doing the City Chase Adventure Race (which will be featured in a later entry) and squad training.

On sunday I was feeling better, but this morning I woke up feeling very ordinary. But I still went to work and I didn't last again. Should have saved myself the hassle of getting ready to go to work (I even blowdried my hair this morning which never ever happens)! I blame the guy over the partition who bought his cough back from NZ last week. Anyhow I'm hoping abit of serious rest will make me feel better soon! HT thinks I might have legionnaires' disease . har.

BTW Too lazy to write about it anymore so here are the rest of the pics of our Tassie Trip last month.

March 13, 2007

Weekend update

Very G.C! The Gold Coast Cup is done! We came 4th out of 4th in the mixed category but only 1 minute behind 3rd - it was a close race all the way and we crossed the line in 3 hours 14 minutes which is pretty fast considering we paddled 44kms! The weather was Queensland perfect, and we saw sea turtles and dolphins (who needs to go to sea world!)

Photos to be uploaded later!

March 07, 2007

News Flash!

Voodoo and I have put in our entry for the City Chase Adventure Race in the city next weekend! It should be fun and a big day, considering it's a world wide event and looks like some 'pro' adventure racing teams will be competing! The prize is a trip to compete in an international final of the city chase series.. I'm just hoping we finish in time for Squad training at 3.45pm (yes 'State Coach' you read correctly). Should be a whole heap of fun - Flipside are GO!

This weekend I'm also going up to the Gold Coast to do a 44km changes race at the Gold Coast Cup ! Yay for cheap domestic airfares. We're staying at the Sea World Nara Resort. The last time I stayed there was in 1988 when i went with my dad to a dragonboat race and actually sat in row 10 to make up the numbers (probably the last time I sit in row 10 coz good luck fitting in there now!)...and I remember they were filming an episode of E-Street with Marcus Graham and Alyssa Jane Cook. (but i digress!). After the big race on Saturday I'm hoping to chill out on the beach if it's good weather!